the momentum shifts?

So I’m sure the lack of posting this week signaled that it was a very hectic week in Flygirl-land.  Well on the work side, definitely was…had at least one meeting, if not more than one, seemingly every day this week.  (oh, and the same person who endorsed weekend work here also wondered if someone who had taken a sick day was gonna still call in for a scheduled meeting.  what you see is my eyes rolling.)

Of course, this meant I was one tired chick this week, and it showed in my workouts…Tuesday I just did some easy miles before meeting the Flyers at a bar on the UES after their speed workout.  Thursday I put on the DS-Trainers, hoping to inject some speedy pickups into my run, but the legs were not having it…everything just felt tired.  Thankfully I ran into Flyer PD near 102nd and he kept me company and we chatted for about a mile or so.  Always nice to have unexpected company 🙂  And Wednesday I had planned to hit up a yoga class after work, but was absolutely beat and decided to just call it a night.

Needless to say, the batteries needed recharging this weekend.  Which started Friday nite at Tortilla Flats with some margaritas and girl talk 😉  Not to mention a, uh, amusing soundtrack of sorts in the background courtesy of the restaurant.  By the end of the night, I was inspired to dig up some of my old MTV Party To Go mix CDs and had memories brought back of of a certain someone in college who would blast “I Wish” by Skee-Lo constantly (and annoy the hell outta his suitemates.  I just found the whole thing amusing. 🙂 )

And even though I didn’t feel the drinks were that strong, I guess they did a little bit of a number on me, cuz I crashed not too long after I got home.  And I definitely needed a day to actually sleep in and not set the alarm…as my quickie on Saturday felt better than most of my others this week.  Quickie run…what were you thinking? 😉  3 miles and change on the bridle path, and I’m glad I never put the tights away because I needed them for this run!  (When did winter decide to come back?)  Topped that off with a yoga class to stretch everything out and prep for a long one…

So today, EG had arranged a long run with both 20 and 10-mile options down the west side to Brooklyn…the 10-mile option was perfect for me!!  Now of course the wild card, will the (sh)IT Band hold up?  Well as it turned out, it did. 

Was a nice crew running…some peeps I already knew in real life, others that I knew in the virtual running world and finally put a name to a face, and others that were brand new to me.  The weather was kinda crappy…capris and long sleeves were the order of the day as opposed to the shorts and tank tops of the previous weekend.  Oh and the weather people LIED!!  As it was rainy and windy during our run and didn’t wait for the evening.  Guess I should have wore the hat instead of the sunglasses?  Kept a nice relaxed pace of around 9:00, give or take a few seconds, and every few miles someone would ask if my knee was holding up ok-which I thought was nice.  And before I knew it, we were crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, running along the promenade, and down a steep hill to our final destination.  Nice run, and look forward to many more in the future…

So…close to 11 miles done.  And the (sh)IT Band seemed to hold up…legs did feel tired in the last few miles, but more endurance tired than hurting tired.  But just in case, the (sh)IT Band was still gonna have a date with some ice and the Quadballer later.  (Well after my hot shower…best hot shower ever.  Well, since this run.)

So maybe the momentum has shifted?  I can only hope it stays in this direction…gonna keep moving but still with a little caution.  This week looks like a little bit of a cutback…partially because of celebrating passover the next 2 nights with la familia, makes it a little tough to get workouts in unless I wake up early (doubtful!)  Plus the next 2 days look to be washouts anyway.  But on the other hand, may be a good thing to let the legs rest a little before Saturday’s 10K. (Though I never seem to run well on that course-rested or not!)

And on another topic-who would have thought that my bracket would still be in the running (ha ha) to finish in the money after Kansas was knocked out of it (and screwed up 90% of this country’s brackets, I’m sure.)  It sure has been the Tournament of Upsets…Saturday’s games are gonna be interesting!! 🙂


9 thoughts on “the momentum shifts?

  1. Yay! Sounds like some successful runs in there! And tell that IT band who’s boss :D.

  2. So glad to have finally met you! Congratulations on the double-digit run and am happy to hear that nasty (sh)IT band is behaving.

  3. Glad to hear the old {sh}it band is keeping a low profile.
    Congrats on a double digit run,way to go!
    I hope Passover goes well for you,enjoy being rested for the Scotland 10K Sat,I know as runners we don’t embrace the “less is more mindset” but sometimes we really should.
    Go Get Em Tiger!

    • Let’s see…first night of passover and I’ve dealt with NJ Transit issues and my crazy family. I think running would be more relaxing! 🙂

      • If you’ve dealt NJ Transit and the family in day one it’s gotta
        get easier as the week goes along yeah??
        I’ve often found angst and anger translate to a kick arse race,
        good luck Saturday,almost came up to NYC to run it but I have the
        5,000m at UPenn to tackle.

  4. You’re still in the running for the money after losing Kansas in the first weekend? Unreal. I lost Kansas and am stuck in last place. What gives?

    Nice to hear you’re back to running double digits. Looking forward to more running adventures from you this summer!

    • Yeah who woulda thought? I think it helped that I had Cornell in the sweet 16 and Dook in the final 4…and that so many other brackets were even more busted than mine! Apparently, depending on the results of saturday’s games, I could finish as high as 2nd…but no worse than 4th, so I’m in the money no matter what!

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