number ones

Well apparently this is a March Madness first!! All four #1 seeds in the Final Four!! And even better yet, that means all my Final Four teams in my bracket are still in it 🙂 Kansas over UCLA in the final, let’s make that happen!! C’mon, I can use the $$$…

The rest of this post shall be a mishmash of things…

  • Had to go to DC for the day last Monday for a client pres that one of our salespeople was making. What a long day-spent more time on the train than we actually did with our client. But thankfully got an earlier train home…the Acela rocks!! As did kicking back with Coronas and pretzels
  • The Hills? To quote my brother “Whenever a show goes to Paris, it’s usually bad (a la The Real World)” As usual, Gawker sums it up just nicely.
  • For a change, I’m not listening to my commenters. In the whole Brooklyn-Broad Street debate, I am going in the opposite direction and leaning towards Broad Street. Brooklyn will just need to talk trash about me for another year. But honestly, I’d rather run a good 10-miler than a mediocre half-marathon, and seriously…is it really a smart thing to run on a surface that has caused calf pain in the past (the boardwalk) while coming back from a calf injury?? Didn’t think so.
  • me and some other Flyers did some volunteering work in Central Park yesterday morning…a little raking, weeding, bagging and other cleaning stuff. And couldn’t believe some of the things we came across…including a syringe. yick. I know this is NYC, but still…
  • Took pictures at this morning’s race (the Scotland Run)…got another kilt picture for Crazy Bandana-head…not a huge Flyer turnout (either that or a lot of Flyers may have been running incognito) As the boyfriend of one of my teammates said “How much did the Flyers have to drink last nite?” But damn…was there really about 7000 runners there?? (It did sure seem like it…)

2 thoughts on “number ones

  1. Nice seeing you this weekend….Broad Street Run sounds great. Have fun! HEIDI

  2. According to the NYRR site, Scotland Run had 6928 finishers, 86 of whom were Flyers. Wow!Good luck at Broad Street!

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