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waiting to hand out gatorade to the more marathonersyep, today was the day of the masters woman.

so today was the annual More Marathon and Half-Marathon in Central Park. every year, the Flyers run an aid station there…the last 2 years they had us on the 102nd street transverse, giving out water and bananas to the full marathoners…this year we were “upgraded” to a location that served both the half and the full marathoners-across the park drive from the Met, around 84th street.

so, the morning dawned on the chilly side-good for the runners, less than ideal for the volunteers! thats ok though. i was put right to work getting cups of gatorade ready to hand out to the runners and handing them out too-and cheering everyone on in the process 🙂 a bunch of our ladies acted as pace leaders for the full marathon and the buzz is that they did a great job! our veteran superstar won her age group and ran a fabulous race in the full marathon. (actually-i give all the marathoners credit-i’d go loopy after 5 loops in Central Park. granted, they were 5 clockwise lower 5’s…so no Harlem Hill or Cat Hill!) But, it was a great experience helping out, and all the ladies were very appreciative…lots of thank yous from them, and we gave thank you’s back to them…was nice tobe even a little part of helping these ladies achieve their goal…be it a first marathon or half-marathon, or bettering their time, or whatever else.

later, i met up with la familia for a b-day dinner for my grandmother-she just hit the big 8-9. i guess it was fun, except…i dunno, i always feel when my family gets together…for one thing, when they talk about who’s getting married or engaged i’m always afraid of hearing the dreaded question that I always have to answer “no” to-“so, are you seeing anybody?” not to mention feeling like i pale in comparision to my good-looking, popular, successful cousins. sometimes i really wonder if i was adopted. i used to have running as the one thing i sorta excelled at, but that’s gone now. i’m just praying what i have going on will work out…sooner rather than later…i’d love to have some good news to tell about myself for a change…ok, rant over.

in NCAA news, though my final 4 are kaput (but how about that UConn/George Mason game? wow-now that was great basketball watching!) but i think i’m tied for 2nd in my work pool-now hoping that everyone else’s final 4’s are done for too!!


10 thoughts on “more more more

  1. Does second place win anything in your pool?Lets go GMU!

  2. C’mon Lara. You are still a very good runner. So many people would be thrilled to run a half-marathon. It’s good that you’re not satisfied with where you’re at, because that’s what motivates us to improve, but let’s keep things in perspective here!

  3. what, no shorts? I’m so disappointed…. 😛

  4. uptown girl-our pool’s payouts go 4 deep…the payout gets broken out like so: 70%/15%/10%/5%. I did win 4th a coupla years back, and i’d be happy to finish anywhere in the money this time…derek-i know what you’re saying but do you ever feel that non-runners don’t seem to get that? i felt once the PRs and the awards stopped, not to mention the injury happening, the family sorta lost a little hope and confidence in me-especially regarding the marathon.brooklyn-i wasn’t running, so the 20 degree rule went out the window 🙂 it was a cloudy and rainy and chilly day-my hands were freezing!! i give those ladies a lot of credit, especially the ones that did the full-i’d have gone loopy after 5 central park loops :-p

  5. Non-runners generally don’t “get” running, so I discount their standards for running success appropriately. You should too.

  6. Also, runners generally peak 8-10 years after they start, so you have more than plenty of time.

  7. 8 to 10 years? Ha. This is my 24th year, and I’ve still got a PR or two left.

  8. jbl-did you read that on the coolrunning forums? i just seem to remember that being hotly contested at one time or something…

  9. I think I read it on CoolRunning as well as in one of my books. Whatever the number is, the point is that it takes a long time to develop as a distance runner.

  10. I’m with Sister S. I’m closing in on 20 years and I got a PR as recently as last winter. And THAT’s when the word PR is really special.Getting a good PR has a lot to do with resting appropriately for the race, as well. As i get older, I know i need more rest, but I pretty often hit my target if I’m really focused on it.

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