ok, i don’t know if that’s even a real word. but i just feel like using it.

historically (well if you count the last 3 years as historically,) i’ve found winter to spring to be the hardest of the seasonal transitions…spring to summer is usually easy, summer to fall-that’s easy as well, as fall brings nice temps and fall marathon mania. even fall to winter, as that period falls amidst a lot of holiday madness and festivities.

but this year and the last 2 years, i’ve always felt…kinda blah in march. very cranky and tired and desperately needing spring to come…and the spring fever that comes with it. c’mon, gotta break out the warm-weather wardrobe and the singlets-none of this “convincing” myself it’s shorts weather! πŸ™‚ i guess this is a little bit of a letdown after january and february being pretty active months…and at the beginning of this month i thought the dating gods had cut me a break, but wasn’t meant to be, i guess. plus other stuff going on as well…

i’m really hoping the change of seasons will bring other changes with it…including the certain something i’ve hinted about in previous posts. now if only both can happen sooner rather than later, i will be a happy girl.

at least i had a good run tonite…lower 5 in great weather and great company along with it, especially the end of the run-i had to say it because i know you lurk πŸ˜‰

(and at least Dook lost. though it totally screwed up my bracket. go UConn.)

now playing: “bette davis eyes” ~ kim carnes


8 thoughts on “transitionalizing

  1. I’m having real problems coping with the weather, too. The lingering cold is making me grumpy.

  2. last year a doctor tried to diagnose me with seasonal affective disorder. who knows, there may actually be some truth to that…but yeah, i’d rather have consistent spring weather right now than a teaser here and there.

  3. I think I have my own, daily mini version of Seasonal Affective Disorder. You guys have all witnessed it. It’s like ~ mornings rule, Afternoons and evenings drool. I start out all bushy-tailed, then I start declining every day…around…errrrr 12:49……

  4. PS, hope those gods cut you a break soon!

  5. i dunno, you’ve seemed pretty peppy when i’ve seen you out after 12:49pm :-pand thanks…boy, i think i am even longer overdue for a break from the dating gods than i am for a break from the running gods…to quote kylie minogue:“but dreaming’s all i do…if only they’d come true…i should be so lucky…i should be so lucky in love…”

  6. I “lurk?” I guess that’s good, because I thought I only stalked.

  7. Does somebody need a can of STALKER BLOCKER?

  8. alright there anonymous wiseguys :)anon #2-thanks for the offer but anon #1 is actually friend, not foe. :)(and the only stalkers I know about do not know about this blog…at least I hope they don’t?)

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