spring forward

while i’m loving that it’ll now be light out when i leave work, i wish we didn’t have to lose an hour’s sleep in the process…especially since weekends are my “catch-up time.” (plus feeling a little under the weather…due to the weather not making up its mind recently!!) so this morning, despite my plans to do a long run this morning…i almost just rolled over and shut off the alarm thinking “oh i can do the run this afternoon, it will be nice then.” but i thought, nah, i’ll do it now, i’ll get to see everyone and have company that way.

so, around 8:40-8:45 ish, i ran the 1.2 miles to where the start line of today’s Scotland 10K was, and kept on going for 1 easy 6-mile loop. the park was also filled with those that were participating in the March Madness Biathlon…saw a couple of my teammates and cheered them on. so, the first loop was pretty easy, but i was getting pretty hot wearing my long-sleeved Flyers shirt…good thing I wasn’t racing! i didn’t really keep time except for a couple of miles, but i think this loop was a little over a 9 minute pace.

and it perfectly timed for me getting to the race start…but man, with the nice weather, the race was so crowded (over 5000 finishers!) i could only find a place to line up on the sidewalk. (but did see a few teammates so I lined up near them.) i reiterated my plan to not race this 🙂 (after all, i didn’t even have a bib or chip!) not that i could really “race” it with 7 miles on my legs, but what i could do is make this loop a little faster than the previous loop, and try and pick up the pace a little with each mile. i sorta succeeded in that regard-the mile splits were 9:19 (very crowded start), 8:46, 8:45, 8:51 (Harlem Hill), 8:32, 8:24, then 1:45 for the final .2 mile. All together, it was 54:22, 8:45 pace-mission accomplished, 13.4 miles under my belt for the day.

One observation from the race-you know i’m all about the running skirts, but man oh man, I don’t think I saw so many runners wearing them in all one place 🙂 Kilts, in honor of the Scotland theme. One of my teammates was actually playing the bagpipes to entertain us up near the 102nd street transverse (but also cheered for the Flyers in between playing-thanks!)

So, i think this worked pretty well for doing a long run!! I think I might do the same before the Adidas Run for the Parks-though it’s my “anniversary” NYRR race (2 years ago when it was the Niketown Run for the Parks) it’s gotten way too damn crowded to be enjoyable. But this way, if I do a loop beforehand, I can still participate and get in my last long run-10 miles-before Queens. However-I throw out this question to you all-as that race is on a Sunday, and the half is the following Saturday (so 6 days before)-would you recommend me doing that last long run then or should it be on Saturday (1 week before) or does it even matter?

Next up is next Sunday-the Labrecque 4-miler…a points race and hopefully I can see where I stand with my prep for Queens…then 6-7 easy miles later that day…

And in March Madness news, I am currently tied for 4th in my office pool. The outcome of the final won’t change the rankings, so the final score is gonna act as the tiebreaker to determine if I win $24…or not!

now playing: “red blooded woman” ~ kylie minogue


4 thoughts on “spring forward

  1. Great time for a 13.4 mile training run. Good work getting out there early on a Sunday morning.

  2. Good job on the scotland run! yeah, i saw runners in kilts AND IN WIGS! No Thomas Laberque for me, I’ll be in Europe! Good luck and score a PR!

  3. That’s some great workout there. It must be handy to have a local race to use as a training run.

  4. thanks all!yeah, one of the big advantages of the NYC racing scene is that there is usually something going on every weekend…i will say this was a better experience than the last time i added on miles before a race-what a difference 20 degrees makes!

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