ankles are the new cleavage

yes, i figured the title would be good for a laugh or two. that is in reference to the latest ridiculous thing from office life. luckily, the reprimandee wasnt me this time, but another girl. her crime? showing too much ankle. i kid you not. capri-length leggings and a dress over it, which actually looked nice, but apparently, too revealing. can someone please explain to me, how is this more revealing and offensive than wearing dresses, skirts or capri pants? i don’t get it. needless to say, that was the latest joke on facebook amongst the work crew.

the rest shall be another mishmash post…

my ncaa bracket is officially dead in the water. shoulda picked louisville to win it all instead of pittsburgh, but hey i listened to my mom, who correctly predicted kansas last year…

now that march madness is all but over, i think there should be a new pool…
“when will brooklyn half registration be open?”
whoever guesses closest should get free registration courtesy of nyrr šŸ™‚
speaking of the brooklyn half…i am…actually…considering this one. only thing standing in my way besides there being no set date, is not knowing how my calves are going to behave on the boardwalk (if they are going to cramp up again like they did both other times.)
and whats up with the rest of the calendar? no more NYC half (not that that one was a big loss for me), the queens half got moved to september 20th which conflicts with both the 5th ave mile and rosh hashanah. at the rate things are going, i am not getting in my 9 races this year…but thats ok because if things go well, i wont be doing a fall marathon in 2010…

the hills season 5 starts a week from tomorrow!!! yay for trash tv being back on monday nights. unfortunately the premiere clashes with the march madness final (mtv, what were you thinking?). thank god for dvr…

3 more days… šŸ˜‰

One thought on “ankles are the new cleavage

  1. ankles are hardly least not in this culture. as for march maddness—louisville would’ve been a mistake, too. I should know.

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