being a mid-packer

when it helps being a mid-packer…
surprisingly enough, the office march madness pool. i thought my bracket was dead in the water by the final four. however, i forgot that whoever winds up smack dab in the middle gets a small payout. and guess who that was? yeah, the payout was pretty small compared to the top 4 (especially the winner, who won $675!) but can’t complain about getting my entry fee back. 🙂

when it doesn’t help being a mid-packer…
OK, i’ve been annoyed at brightroom in the past for never getting any pictures of me at NYRR races, most disappointing being the 2006 NYCM, since that was my first marathon. But MarathonFoto didn’t get a single running picture of me from Cherry Blossom!! And honestly, I don’t understand it, since they seemed to get a ton of pictures of my other friends. And I was hoping for a nice running picture with the cherry blossoms in the background. talk about adding insult to injury…guess it really wasn’t my day!!

done writing for now. time to get back to watching the Dancing With The Stars results show!! 🙂


One thought on “being a mid-packer

  1. Not getting photos back isn’t always a bad thing — I got like 10 from the Cherry Blossom, but I look like I’m mildly retarded in all of them. They are so bad…

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