not doin’ the shuffle

so i stopped by the Apple store by work today to check out the much-hyped new Shuffle.

Now it may be little and cute, but I dunno…don’t think I’m sold on that. I don’t like how the controls are in the headphones-since I hate the white headphones and wind up using different brands. And I even tried out the controls…meh. If I needed to play with the order, it could get annoying. Sorry Apple…as with certain other things, smaller isn’t always better 😛

In the meantime…getting a new iPod nano is very tempting…I do like the 4th-generation upgrade…

Other news-March Madness so far is breaking my heart…my bracket ain’t faring so well. Yeah it’s still early, but I’m doubtful my bracket is going to repeat last year’s glory.

And was Mother Nature f*cking with us today? First day of spring? Snow? Haven’t we suffered enough in the Northeast this winter…

12 more days…


5 thoughts on “not doin’ the shuffle

  1. I just got the nano a few days ago, and am loving it.Rumor has it that apple competitors will be offering more “normal” headphones with shuffle controls added in in the next few months.

  2. I love the new nano too!Btw what do you do with all your race t-shirts? They just accumulate!

  3. I need a new ipod as well. But hell no for the shuffle! As for the bracket, I was heartbroken after the bearcat disposal brewed by the blue cretins!

  4. I dunno. It may be a big ol’ brick, but I’m still running with my iphone.

  5. jon-cool, thanks for the review. the thing is, i bet those headphones will be pricey. i like my $10 sony clip-ons :)Anon-some shirts i give away to my parents, others i gave to my super to use as rags, some i use as hair towels (no joke-Devachan actually recommends that for curly hair like mine!), once i cut up one to put my name on it and pin to my top during the marathon, others used as throwaway shirts before a race, others get layered over gym clothes…you get the idea :)Moz-oh but did you really expect them to upset Dook? 🙂 nevertheless, i feel your pain :)Brooklyn-i don’t feel the iphone love 🙂

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