"on to the next"

And this latest post title has been brought to you by the latest episode of The Hills.  Is it me, or has this episode finally brought back the show we all hate to love, or love to hate?  How staged was K-Cav and Jayde’s catfight…I know there is only one club in LA and of course they will run into each other, especially when Kristin is with Brody, but still!  And I thought Audrina and Lo would “never be friends”…and now they are BFF’s?  And WHY, for the good of all humankind, could Spencer have just gone through with getting neutered??? 🙂

I guess that title is just appropriate for lots going on lately.  Of course, the running stuff, but I’ll get to that later.  Earlier this week, I had to let go of a wonderful guy who has been very near and dear to me for the last few months-well this was kind of a mutual “letting go.”  (And he has never gotten a blog mention before…well at least not in the context of dating, so you know I was really into him and that it was going well! 😉 )  My heart said “stay” but my head knew what was the right thing to do, if we wanted to salvage any kind of a friendship…which I am optimistic about.  But it’s tough all the same-we really shared a lot…between running and outside of running.  He’d be the first person I’d call/text when something good happened…or even when something bad happened and I needed consoling, or just someone to talk to.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t overdependent, but there is that comfort in knowing someone is there.  Luckily, it did end on a good note and we are still speaking and not arguing…so I am hopeful! 🙂  So in this case “on to the next” is not so much the next guy, but more the next phase of our relationship…never know where it can take me/us.  And some of you…and you know who you are 😉 …this does not give you free reign to immediately fix me up with your coworker/cousin/neighbor/random acquaintance/doorman/etc. 😉  Just need time right now…and as Natasha Bedingfield says in her song “Single”-I can’t “romance on demand!”  (On that topic, has anyone ever checked out the lyrics to that song, and then to Natasha’s song “Soulmate”?  Talk about one singer having opposing points of view!  The latter is a beautiful song, but I swear I can’t listen to it without getting teary-eyed!)

And as for the running thing, I swear I really am trying to move “on to the next” as well!  Whatever that may be.  As I said in my previous post-I do have 2 races next year that I am tentatively penciling in as goal races (yes, one is a marathon but it won’t be til the fall though.)  Little hesitant to post what they are now, so wait and see.  I have my follow-up appointment with doctor #1 at the end of this month, so I’ll see if there is any positive progress made.  One thing I do want to explore, which was mentioned before, is new orthotics…my current ones are 5 years old and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was one of the culprits.  Unfortunately, I have different medical insurance now and I don’t believe they will be covered, so it would be pricier this time around…but if it’s something that will save my running future (and my previous ones did!) it’s a worthwhile investment…especially stretched out over a few years.

And keeping with “on to the next”…I’m thinking I might like to switch physical therapists too.  My current one is nice, don’t get me wrong, but…I’m feeling like there should be more progress by now, and I’d love to find one who is more familiar with runners.  I don’t know if I can do that without another prescription for PT from the doctor, but if is indeed what he prescribes, that may be the way to go.  So NYC-area runners-if you have any recommendations for me, I’d be very grateful to hear them!!  Only prerequisite is that they must take insurance 🙂

So there you have it-I am honestly dwelling less on the past and trying to look ahead.  But I do still feel I need a little help getting there…more with game plans than anything else!!

2 thoughts on “"on to the next"

  1. Flygirl! Thanks for the well wishes on my NYC Marathon. The race was incredible! But, without injury, ended up with what I believe is tendinitis in my left knee, needless to say, I am on the injured reserved right now.Anyway, so I can recc my therapist who is GREAT! She took care of me since I had my second hip surgery and sees many many runners. Everytime I walked in there with an injury, she would do a few things and bam, I was up and running two days later. AND, the rehab place has worked on professional athletes, so they know their stuff. They accept all sorts of insurances. GIve them a call and ask to see Sara Monahan and tell her I referred you! Here is the number and website. 212-355-7827http://www.starphysicaltherapy.com/PS I added you to my blogroll, love reading your adventures!Mark

  2. wish you could go to my PT.. mostly it is a matter of letting it heal. as i said before, you will win this! xx

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