fragile girl

Wow, it’s been a few days…been busy busy busy!!  But thats ok, any posts would have been about taper madness…which I can just combine all into one post here! šŸ™‚

Forget about last week, i think i am gonna have to handle myself with kid gloves from now until October 25th.  Seemingly everything that is supposed to be aching and/or going wrong during training decides to show up for the taper.

Like when running Monday nite downtown…my calves decided to cramp up…possibly due to dehydration?  My legs felt so fragile at that point, that one wrong move would put them out of commission…stopped and stretched and took it easy…and winced at any sign of bikes.  needless to say, I was glad when we finished the run and made it to White Horse Tavern where we had our burgers…and glasses of water!  Yeah, I am going to attempt yet again to detox during this taper.  So far so good-especially because…

….on top of it all, nursing a cold!!  arrrggghhh.  I took a sick day yesterday and would have loved to have taken one Wednesday, if it weren’t for the fact that I had meetings I couldn’t miss and a project that had to get done that day.  sigh.  one day off is better than nothing, right?  And lesson learned-never, ever joke about swine flu in a facebook status.  Anyways, I haven’t run since Tuesday…Wednesday was a planned day off to do some much-needed yoga but skipped yesterday’s run…and most likely will skip today to kick this thing.  Should I worry?  Or listen to my teammate who said “This is what’s called forced taper – and you’ll be better for it on race day!”

And because I must get in my reality TV fix to keep my mind off of other things….quote of the week from my brother regarding The City: “proof the city is completely staged and fake…how on earth would a dude selling counterfeit bags on Canal St have a mike on him???”  He has a point…

And glad to see the Yanks back where they belong-in the postseason.  Game 2 is tonite…GO Yanks!!  In a way, it feels like 1998…the year they were so dominant.  And I kinda look back at that year wistfully…when my life made some sort of sense and wanting to be that innocent college graduate again….

4 thoughts on “fragile girl

  1. Hope you're feeling better. So what exactly is your taper detox plan?No booze? Anything else and does it help?Good luck!!

  2. It sounds like you are responding quickly to the messages your body is sending. You are in great shape, and you can definitely afford a little rest time. When marathon day comes, you'll be ready to rock.

  3. Better to get sick 3 weeks out from the marathon than three days b/4.Backing off from booze never hurts,just think how much better it'll taste post marathon…if however your beloved yankees win the World Series this may be a conflict of interests….cross,burn,jump from that bridge when the time comes!!!Stay healthy,stay hungry,eye on the prize…..

  4. Anon-just booze free until I cross that finish line! The last 2 'thons I tried it for the last 2 weeks…in 2006 I only lasted til 3 days out…in 2008 I didn't even last 3 days. Figured this time it couldn't hurt…Johnny-thanks, I sure hope so!!Kevin-thankfully, the World Series is late this year and I will be off the wagon by then šŸ˜‰

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