the 2011 season finale: ted corbitt 15k

So as you know, even though the marathon didn’t go my way, I was still determined to end 2011 on a good note, race-wise…obviously running another marathon would not be realistic, but I could tear it up in some shorter races.  One that really caught my eye as being the perfect end to the season, was the Ted Corbitt 15K.  Yeah, a 15K in Central Park, nothing special right?  That said, my 15K PR was way, way overdue for a falling.  Of course, that may have been due to the fact that I only ran the race distance twice in my race lifetime.  First time was back in 2006 and was my standing PR of 1:17:39, and the 2nd time in 2007 was more of a glorified training run.  Plus considering I’ve run faster 15K splits in marathons, and I’ve run half-marathons at a faster pace…yeah, I think you know where I was going with this one 🙂

Based on my recent short races, looked like a 7:45 pace, or around 1:12, should be doable.  There were others who were encouraging me to go for 7:30’s…and oh it would have been sweet to break 1:10…but I knew this wouldn’t be the day for it.  (Did I also mention that my longest run since the marathon was only 9 miles?)

So another nicely chilly morning.  Singlet, black long-sleeve…and after flip-flopping between shorts and capris, decided to go with capris.  (Combo worked pretty well, though I think I may have been better off with short-sleeve and arm warmers.  Lessons learned!)  No subway issues heading uptown, actually got off a stop or 2 early to jog to warm up and jog to baggage.  I headed to the red corral, hung with Flyers AG, JJ, EG and SC while waiting for the start.  AG was “stretching” me out, while JJ and I reminisced about RnR Philly when that was the last time we were in the same start corral, and I said I totally expected him to be ahead of me again.  And so the last “9th race” of the year began…

First loop:
Mile 1-7:55
Mile 2-7:28
Mile 3-7:53
Mile 4-7:39

So given that I really don’t race this distance (even a 10-miler, which is pretty close in terms of distance is a pretty scarce race…last time I raced that distance was early 2009) I was a little unsure how to pace it-is this a long 10K or a short half?  But I decided to employ the same strategy I do for halfs…pace most, race last 5K.  And in this case (as there was no 10K marker) the plan would be to pace the first 6 miles, pick it up a little for 7, race the last 2.3.  So if that meant letting people go in the beginning, so be it.  EG and I ran a good part of the 1st mile together but she pulled ahead and I let her go.  First mile was a little slow, but understandable given the hills, and sure enough I made up for it on the downhill mile 2.  Cat Hill did a little damage on mile 3 but again, made up for it with another net downhill mile…so I was at 30:55 through 4 miles and as far as I was concerned, I was executing the plan perfectly 🙂

2nd loop:
Mile 5-8:04
Mile 6-7:37
Mile 7-7:39
Mile 8-7:45
Mile 9-7:23
Mile 9.3-2:16 (7:04 pace)

The 2nd trip through the West Side Hills was tougher than the first, as this saw what would be my only mile over 8 minutes.  The downhill mile 6 was faster, but not as much as I would like…so time to put the plan into action and kick it up a little bit for the 7th mile.  And it helped I had some rabbits to pace off of in these last coupla miles to keep me strong…my friend JW from Urban Athletics and our own running seal (both would wind up having PR’s and great races too!)  Of course, mile 8, my first “racing” mile would include Cat Hill, but I think I held up pretty well, and was still passing people (and the cheers from Flyers NS and PD helped greatly!  In fact, the cheering support was pretty good during this race…)  Cat Hill done and 1.3 miles to go.  Run hard to Engineer’s Gate, then even harder to the end.  I wasn’t sure if I was still averaging 7:45’s at that point, but I knew I was on track for a BIG PR, so let’s see how big it can get.  (That’s what she said.)

Just past the 9-mile marker, I caught up to and passed EG, saying a breathless “stay with me, you got this”…but I know if I was able to finish around her, then I was definitely having a good day.  Not knowing how long that last .32056788 mile should take me, I tried to keep those 600-meter repeats I had done the previous week in mind and just imagine it was one of those…preferably the last one when I leave it all out there! 🙂  Made the turn onto 102nd to the finish, heard the announcer calling my name…and crossed the finish in 1:11:40, 7:42 pace.  A 5:59 PR…damn, had I known it was so close, could I have gotten another second to make it a PR of 6 minutes even? 🙂  Flyer women finished 3rd and I was the 4th Flyer female…so another bronze team medal for the collection (though to quote Kara Goucher after the NYC Half “I’m tired of third…I’m ready to win one!”  just kidding.  I’m happy to get any placing we can get! 🙂 )

So unlike 2010, this season finale was a success instead of being anticlimactic.  And considering my mileage wasn’t really high after NYC, I think this was a pretty good performance to bang out…which as long as I stay uninjured, I think bodes very well for the spring, and other seasons to come…?


week 8 wrap-up

Yeah, I know this is on the early side, but Hurricane Irene has ended my running week as of today.  The park was absolutely mobbed this morning with everyone trying to get their runs in before the storm hit (and/or before the MTA shutdown at noon)!

Obviously, I was cramming all my runs in this week to avoid the storms.  Tempo on Thursday…originally 5 x 1200m (5:20 target) but when everyone was struggling, got modified to 2 x 1200, 2 x 600, 1 x 1200.  Was still a little off (splits 5:27, 5:32, 2:39, 2:39, 5:24) but was glad to get it in.  Friday morning’s recovery was a crawl…legs were definitely tired from Thursday, maybe the timing wasnt ideal but I wanted to give myself a little more rest before running long…

So my long run on tap was 14, with the last 5 at goal marathon pace.  Which was why I signed up for the now-canceled Bronx Half, that would have worked out perfectly.  But the alternative worked out as I ran the first 9 with an friend I haven’t seen in awhile and it was great to catch up.  (and as I joked, I haven’t seen this many Flyers in Central Park on a Saturday morning since the morning of the awards gala!  just like then, no one expects to get any miles in on Sunday.)  When it was time to take on the 5 MP miles, I was unsure if I’d be able to hit it, as the humidity was absolutely deadly.  I was shooting for between 8-8:15 and I wound up on the lower end of that…or maybe I just wanted to get this over with? 🙂

Mile Time Distance Pace
1 8:03 1.00 8:03
2 8:08 1.00 8:08
3 7:53 1.00 7:53
4 8:03 1.00 8:03
5 7:50 1.00 7:50
5.15 1:06 0.15 7:25
 Summary 41:03 5.15 7:58

sub-3:30 pace? ummm yeah.  That definitely is not the marathon goal, but let’s just wait and see, shall we?

So now I’m happily indoors on the couch, watching 90210 and DWTS reruns and hoping the power stays on long enough for me to see if Galen Rupp will medal in the 10,000 at Worlds 🙂  I’m all prepared, here are some of my other hurricane supplies:

I WILL tear into the PowerGels if desperate!

Also made some air-popped popcorn to snack on while watching more entertainment…the trainwreck that is the NYRR Facebook page.  Another day, another drama!  Not only was the Bronx canceled, but there was a 5K race up in Harlem this morning (which was also a team points race, but was planning on skipping anyway) that got canceled yesterday when the city revoked all Saturday permits too.  In a way, this was a situation I can see both sides of.  Mostly for those who signed up yesterday to only be told a couple of hours later that it was canceled-NYRR shouldn’t have been accepting new registrations.  That said, given the state of emergency and the MTA shutdown at noon, planning anything on Saturday would be kind of iffy, given the need for the city’s resources elsewhere (after the half was canceled, I sorta had a feeling this 5k would be too.)  And of course everyone is in an uproar.  “Why no refunds?  Its soooo unfair!!  Why isnt anything being rescheduled?  Why is no one answering our questions?”  And on and on and on.  Finally I had it and couldn’t bite my tongue any longer and responded to a post:

Sorry, it just had to be said 🙂

Anyway-once again, hope everyone stays safe this weekend!  And here’s hoping that come Monday morning, we’re all wondering what the fuss was about…fingers crossed…

she’s fire burning, fire burning on the race course (run for central park 4m report)

This post title has been brought to you by one of quite a few songs that rocked the summer of 2009…

So…originally the Central Park Conservancy Run for Central Park 4-miler wasn’t really on my radar.  Yep, it’s a club points race and being a good little Flyer, I should run it, but I had Hoboken on my agenda earlier in the week and felt my chances were better with a flat 5K than a hilly 4-miler.  But with Tuesday being an inferno, I thought this race could be a good backup in case I have to dial back the effort, or if the organizers made Tuesday a fun run.  But you know how Tuesday went-seconds from a PR in non-ideal conditions with me not feeling like it was an all-out effort.  So I took a coupla days to decide if my legs felt OK enough to give it another go on Saturday…and by Thursday I decided they did and I was gonna go for it.  (Oh and I did have a coupla Blue Moons the night before…I may have to have one the night before all my short races!)

So Saturday’s conditions-low 70s, low humidity were like a dream compared to Tuesday…good sign #1.  Another good sign was that I got a red bib for this race!  When I am normally yellow for points races.  Red hot baby…i’m on FIRE!  🙂  Warmed up for a mile or so to the park, felt good to go.  Headed to my corral and of course found other teammates to chat and pass the time to the start with.  (And a blog reader was lined up next to me too-hi, H!) Until the pre-race announcements came on.  And I had to laugh…when Mary Wittenberg sounded disappointed that we weren’t sounding “more excited” to be out there that morning…OMG, she sounded like one of my bosses this past week!  Then the usual…national anthem, final pre-race announcements, starting horn!

Mile 1-little crowded in the beginning, but opened up by the time we got to…yep, Cat Hill.  Flyer JS and I were running together for this first part (she said beforehand that she was gonna try and stick with me this time!)…then GW passed by right before the hill…I don’t know why, but I thought I could latch onto him…which lasted all of 5-10 seconds.  But it did sorta help me power up the hill a little more.  Was expecting this mile to be somewhere in the 7:20’s-7:30’s, based on the effort I felt I was putting in.  But that was not to be-this mile was 7:17.  I actually said out loud “holy shit” when I saw that.  That’s a time I expect more to see near the end of a race, or on a flat/downhill.  But going up Cat Hill?  No way.  Was it legit, or is this gonna come back and bite me in a mile or 2?

Mile 2-nice flat/sorta downhill section…like the last mile of the Club Champs 5-miler.  BC passed by me and we sorta paced off each other for the remainder of this mile.  Definitely helped, and was still feeling good (or as good as you can feel while running a race!)  This mile split was another shock-7:02.  I’ve run this course several times, so I knew the mile markers were right…maybe it was just my day to be on fire!  Fire burning, fire burning on the dance floor race course… 🙂 A PR was not just a possiblity, but could be a reality at this point as long as I don’t screw up the next 2 miles.  But still, I felt in a way, I was in a whole other world today….whole different level than where I normally am…

Mile 3-the West Side Hills.  Always my weakest mile in these 4-mile races.  I kept saying to myself “attack, attack, attack.  maintain, maintain, maintain.”  This was definitely not the time to make my move…just take one hill at a time to get through this mile.  With about one hill to go, I passed BC but he stayed right behind me til around the end of this mile when I went on ahead for good…he said something like “you don’t have to wait for me” and I said to him “dude, this mile is a bitch for me too!”  Relieved to see the water station near west 86th in the distance and the mile marker…this mile was 7:32-the fastest I have ever done this mile, I think, but still a little weaker than ideal…

Mile 4-definitely still on PR pace through 3, with one fast mile to go, one I know I can push it on.  However there was another number in mind that I never thought could be a possibility…could I go under 29 minutes?  I didn’t feel like doing the math in my head, but just give this mile everything and whatever happens, happens.  Flyer SH was cheering just past 86th…”great job!! you’re doing this, girl!”  Flew down the hill and time to take on the last half-mile.  A guy in a Front Runners singlet who was running near me was really trying to encourage me through this stretch (ahhh…why are all the good men taken or…)  I could see the turn for home and knew it wasn’t that much longer.  KG was cheering and yelling out form tips to me just as I turned onto 72nd…from there, I gave it everything I had til I hit the finish line!!  (if Mr. Garmin was to be believed, that last bit on 72nd was at a sub-6 pace!)  And I ran my fastest mile in a Central Park race-6:52!  (wow, how do you sub-3 marathon peeps do that for 26.2 miles?  that took so much out of me for 1 mile… 🙂 )

Final time-28:43, 7:10 pace…PR by 52 seconds!!  (And new best pace for NYRR races…yayyyy!!)  And if that wasn’t enough, I was the 4th Flyer female…always such an honor to score for the team in points races!  Yeah, I know some of our faster women were either injured or away or perhaps having an “off” day, but I’m still taking it!! 🙂  Another tidbit-if I were actually 35 already…I would have been in the coveted top 10 in my age group!  One thing to look forward to about “aging up” in 2 months?

So caught up with Flyers and other friends afterwards…seemingly everyone I talked to was in good spirits, lotsa Flyer PRs up in there…including but not limited to GW, Lam, EF, DB, BC (guessed pacing off each other helped us both!), AK, CK, CO, HM (and hers was right after preps for a Flyer event!)  Needless to say, I was definitely walking on air after this one, and the good vibes followed me to a fun scavenger hunt that the Flyers had…I teamed up with CK and BC (and being dubbed the most competitive team of all!) and we had a great time running around the park in search of clues (yes we were still running, good thing none of us took off our racing shoes!)  We placed third with a good effort, and enjoyed a picnic after that.  Following the picnic, a couple of us toasted our PRs with beer…and me and another one did even later with margaritas!!  Fun day!

So-was Saturday a fluke or a breakthrough?  I don’t know, but given the the frustrations I had racing last year during my training for Chicago, it makes me appreciate days like this even more…as you never know if the next one will be amazing or heartbreaking.  And this was the first race that had any similarity to my glory days of 2009.  Next race for me will be Club Champs and I’ll see if I can repeat the magic from Saturday there…but in the meantime, keepin’ on keepin’ on towards NYCM

maybe i should mentally write off races more often (2011 mini 10k report)

Hi again!!  Yep, I know this race report is 2 weeks delinquent.  Ya think life has gotten in the way or something? 🙂

Soooo…the Mini 10K.  It’s a race that, for me, was a “must run” for several reasons.

  1. It was my first race as a New York Flyer…way back in 2004!!
  2. It’s the only NYRR race that I have run every single year, without fail…so this year would be #8!
  3. Club points race for the ladies.  Even if I don’t score, I still wanted to be out there in some shape or form…
  4. Ladies-only race=blue race bib (yay for first corral!)
  5. Ladies-only race=lotsa men on the sidelines cheering 🙂
  6. Plus this year’s race had a coupla special aspects-the 40th anniversary of the race and was dedicated to Grete Waitz.

As for how I was gonna run…I seriously did not know.  I was having a conversation with Coach T a week or so beforehand and he asked me if I had any time goal in mind…I said “you know, I’m honestly afraid to make any goals.”  Between last year’s Mini, and the disaster that was the Brooklyn Half, may have been better for the psyche to not have any numbers pre-define my race day.

So what does the post title have to do with things?  Glad you asked…

So the nite before the race, I had gone out with some coworkers to celebrate a a birthday of someone in our group.  Original plan was to have 1 glass of wine, maybe 2 tops, and then go home early and rest.  Said original plan did not happen.  With the conditions for the race supposed to be crappy (either almost 100% humidity or raining), I thought “f*ck it, whatever happens tomorrow happens, I’m gonna have fun tonite.”  Hence me tipping back a few pints of Blue Moon and staying out later than planned (though I did carbo-load properly at home.)

So the next morning…no rain, but the humidity was indeed close to 100%-thank god it was cooler than normal.  Did feel it though during my warmup (boy did it feel different, warming up for this race by running up 8th Ave instead of down CPW!)  I headed to the blue corral and lined up with Flyers JS, EG and CK…within striking distance of the elites too!  cool!  Though when we are all supposed to move forward, me (and CK too) made sure we stayed behind the mats…for reason that we both forgot a few days later 🙂  but also I knew there were others who deserved to be in front of me, and I didn’t want to take the chance of getting caught up in a too-fast first mile.  Anyway, after a few speeches, some tributes to Grete, and one of the Harriers singing the National Anthem (and doing a great job too!) it was go time…

Mile 1 (7:28)-Similar to 2 years ago, I tried to hold back just a little…being a little cautious with both the conditions and knowing the hills were up ahead but also just knowing that a 10K is more of an endurance race than some give it credit for.  Others were flying past and I’d let them go…I sorta tried to keep JS in my sights, who was a strong runner making her first comeback race after injury.  I figured if I could stick with her I’d have a good day.  One treat for today was some of the men (and women not racing) from the local clubs cheering at the mile markers.  Looks like mile 1 was CPTC’s, as I saw a coupla familiar faces 😉  Thanks for cheering, guys!  And I was pretty happy with this mile split (and I think it may have actually been a second or 2 faster-was a little distracted at the mile marker 🙂 )

Mile 2 (7:41)-just kept going up CPW…smiled to myself as I passed my old block on the UWS, and all the buildings I used to walk or run by every day.  Entered the park at 90th and got to work on the hills.  Not time to make my move yet…maintain, maintain, maintain.  Even though this split was a little slow, I wasn’t really getting passed, and I had something left for the 2 biggest climbs of the race ahead.  (And thanks to North Brooklyn Runners for their great cheering at the mile 2 marker! 🙂 )

Mile 3 (7:37)-first climb.  Attack the hill, don’t look at the watch.  If I get passed here, catch ’em on the downhill.  And that was exactly what I did.  While running downhill, I actually heard JS chatting with Mary Wittenberg…and Mary passed me on the second uphill-she was running the race with Grete’s husband 🙂  I said something about how great the race was, the cheering stations were a fun touch…or something like that because seriously, who’s mind works well while running a 10K race in conditions resembling a swimming pool?  And speaking of cheering stations, Front Runners sure brought it at the mile 3 marker!!  Fun!!

Climbed a little more to the 5K point…which was 23:39.  Hmmm, pretty good!!  I know I’d have to run a major negative split to PR (and mile 4 always makes it hard to negative split), but maybe I could get close to my course PR from 2009 of 47:27.  That said, 2009’s race had much better conditions…and briefly, 2008’s race flashed into my mind.  Where I kept it together through the first 5K in bad conditions, only to lose it during the second 5K.

Mile 4 (8:06)-So I just kept climbing.  Up to 102nd, and up the sneaky incline to Engineer’s Gate and the mile 4 marker, where I saw Flyer SC and a coupla other clubs cheering.  I sorta breathed a sigh of relief here.  I’d still love to be able to get this mile under 8 minutes, but the fact that I was still keeping it together said a lot.

Mile 5 (7:32)-the same thought as every year…worst is over, all downhill from here.  And maybe not killing myself on the hills was a good thing, as I was able to pick up the pace more than usual this time around.  CPTC was back at mile 5 cheering, along with some others…I passed by CK at the end of this mile and was hoping she’d stick with me for the final stretch…

Mile 6 (7:28)-just keep on working hard…think of all those intervals at the track.  I’m still passing people, guess my strategy of holding back on mile 1 pays off again.  Hit the 800m to go sign and I think of running 800’s at the track, and Coach T telling me to “hit the pace”, and indeedy, hitting the pace.  Don’t think I’m gonna be throwing down any 3:20 half-miles as I have been doing during track workouts, considering I had 5.5 hard miles already on my legs, but it could help me close strong.  Finally, I see my team at a cheering station-yayyyyy!!!

Last .2 mile (1:32)-again, not looking at my watch, even though I hit the split button.  No idea if I’m near a real PR or a course PR or way off.  400m to go sign-I think “just a lap of the track”…though of course the track doesn’t include an annoying uphill to Tavern on the Green 🙂  I see Flyer DM up ahead and try and finish as close to her as possible…passed by just before the finish…gave it everything I had!!  (and gave it so much, I almost ran into someone who stopped short just after the finish line…)

Final time-47:24, 7:38 pace. 5K splits of 23:39/23:45-most evenly I have run this race in a very long time (with the exception of 2004, where I negative split by 1 second)…and 3 second course PR…not too shabby!  Not bad for a race I had mentally written off the night before…lol.

Got our medals (really nice ones this year!) and pink carnations, and did the usual posing for pics and mingling…thankfully everything was before the rains came 🙂

And I do not endorse getting wasted the night before a race…but maybe, occasionally, some Blue Moons won’t hurt…LOL.

Some piccys from the day!

Me and JS cruising up CPW in mile 1

mile 6-i totally look i'm walking but i swear i'm running

finish line!

near collision past the finish!

cute runner guy, will you accept this carnation?

running shoes, medals and flowers. guess which shoe is mine?

more flowers! with flyers in the background

the season of excess

oh hi again!!  damn, i’m not even keeping up with my previous “once-a-week” thang.  but the last coupla weeks have been the weeks of the holiday party and other assorted goodies (yet not much running)

To sum up the last coupla weeks:

 So there being lotsa eating, drinking and socializing.  Which also equals hangovers, late nights, not waking up til the afternoon, lazy weekends on the couch.  I’ll actually be glad when January comes around and the party season has died down.  but don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of fun.  Work party was a good time, though this time around the CFO wasn’t even there, so a certain party tradition did not happen this year 😦  But what did suck?  Party on Wednesday, work on Thursday (couldn’t take off like I usually do since our group had a vendor take us out to lunch.)  Flyers party was a good time as usual, though some peeps were missed.  Throw in others here and there…then last nite I crashed the Flyers speedwork session (as UA is on hiatus this month) and partied at Rathbone’s afterwards (yum 2-for-1 Blue Moons…love their 2-for-tuesdays!)…sorta late night for a “school night” but still fun.  But man, I don’t know what worked harder yesterday, my legs or my lungs.  Short repeats on minimal running are not the best…neither was breathing in that cold, icy air.  Thinking tempo is better for the winter months…?

On the topic of running, no races on the horizon right now.  After that crappy job at the 10K, I figured a 15K PR would not be happening and decided to pass on that race.  (Turned out to be a good thing-as I didn’t leave a party the night before til after 3 AM!)  I had tossed my name in the ring for the NYC Half, but I got rejected…as did 90% of the tri-state area

Needless to say, NYRR’s facebook page blew up, and rightfully so.  Did I know there would be a chance of being rejected?  Oh yeah.  Did I know I wouldn’t have a shot in hell of getting in?  Hells no.  i definitely think that NYRR did not handle this well.  Between pushing off the lottery to mid-December (and leaving many in danger of getting closed out of other spring halfs) to disclosing all this information after the fact…I do appreciate that they sort of “came clean” but it’s also “too little too late.”  (And yeah, the truth does hurt.  Meaning about how they’ve strayed so far from their “base,” local runners (no I don’t mean local elite.)  As a friend of mine said (very well, I may say): “NYRR needs to remember their Charter and that the club was formed First & Foremost to benefit runners in New York City; The club was NOT formed to host triathlons, pay rabbits for professional track meets in CA, or to donate money to professional clubs in Mammouth Lakes or Minnesota.”  (There’s a good post on Joe’s blog too.)

So next year will be interesting I guess.  Especially since now NYRR is offering a guaranteed entry to the 2012 NYC Half for those who complete 4 out of 5 borough halfs in 2011.  I feel they are just going to cause another problem to try and solve another.  (Oh and don’t even get me started about the $70 registration fee for the More Half-marathon-which is 2 loops of Central Park!)  First off, given that 2 of the 5 halfs are on Saturdays, if someone can’t race on Saturdays for work or religious reasons, or other reasons, they’re automatically out of it (same thing for Sundays too.)  Secondly, those who want to run the borough halfs just to run them (and not caring about NYC Half entry) may get screwed.  Brooklyn is already tough to get into, I see it selling out in record time this year. (you can bet i’m going to jump on registration once it opens!)  Not to mention how they are always changing around the dates of the borough halfs…

As for me, I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get in, but it’s not the end of the world (there’s always the Brooklyn Half I guess.)  I’ve only done the NYC Half once and it was a bad race for me, so I thought that like Brooklyn, this could be a good race to “get revenge” on.  Guess only way I will ever get to run it again will be to have a qualifying time under my belt-and please don’t tell me that it’s so easy and everyone should be able to do it.  Those qualifying standards are no joke, even having my best half-marathon ever I still came up 36 seconds short…

Anyways, back to work…man, they’re still expecting us to work?  Doesn’t everyone go away for the holidays? 🙂

back on the grid

Finally got reconnected today!!  Though almost didn’t happen, as Time Warner, for whatever reason, still had my old phone # on my account (even though I asked 2 weeks ago for it to be changed) and the technician called that number and when there was no answer decided “ok, guess i don’t have to show up”  Or so I found out when I called TWC with 10 minutes to go in the scheduled time window and needless to say I gave them a piece of my mind.  Whatever, it got hooked up…2 days without TV was tolerable (though I am glad to have it back in time to watch Nadal’s first round match!) but I’m glad to have functioning Internet without having to look for an unsecured wireless network to connect to!

Anyways, even though I do still have some unpacking to do, I am definitely getting settled into the new pad, and let me just tell you…compared to my old place, I feel like I’m living in a palace now.  What a difference one extra room makes-not to mention a much bigger kitchen!  This is definitely worth not being within stumbling distance of Central Park 🙂  Funny thing-both my old super and old across-the-hall neighbor both commented to me that I “won’t be right by the park anymore”  Hmmm guess I’ve been spotted a lot in my running clothes. 🙂

And thankfully the running routine wasn’t too disrupted with the move.  Saturday I got 20 miles in during the LTR…I’m not gonna go into too much detail except same shite, different day.  I’m on pace, others aren’t, guess who has to deal with the consequences.  As I had to do some pre-move stuff that afternoon, I wore my compression socks all afternoon to hopefully aid with recovery (and I did on the actual moving day too!)  Sunday was my last run being within stumbling distance from the park and was a slow 4 and change on the bridle path, before finishing up packing and waiting for the movers (who were actually early!)  The move thankfully went smoothly, now it’s just a matter of finding a place for everything (especially my clothes-and this was with tossing quite a bit before the move too!)

Today was tempo nite with UA, and I decided to test the waters with regards to how far it is to run from here to there…about 2.8 miles.  Good to know if I need to pad my mileage, but I may need to think of other alternatives on speedwork days.  Anyway, tonite was 2 tempo Harlem Hill loops (1.4 miles)  Though we were told we can have some leeway with the suggested times due to the conditions…anyways, my suggested time was 10:38 and I ran 10:45 (7:38 pace) for the 1st loop and surprise surprise, 10:38 (7:33 pace) for the second!!  I definitely earned my recovery brew

If you like fruity beers, this is strongly recommended. And check out what I used to drink it in! 🙂

Anyway, back to work, back to reality tomorrow. Thankfully the commute will be a little shorter than it was before! 🙂

a mini (10k)-disappointment

Well I was hoping to have a happy, upbeat report for you all, my readers who gave me good wishes beforehand.  I won’t sugar-coat it…I was quite disappointed with my race at the Mini 10K yesterday.  Didn’t hit the A (sub 7:30 pace), B (PR/sub-47) or even C goal (beat last year’s time of 47:27)  Furthermore, I barely improved on the 10k race I ran 2 months ago.  By the numbers…a little comparison.

  Mini 10K
(June 2009)
Scotland 10K*
(April 2010)
Mini 10K
(June 2010)
Mile 1 7:28 7:38 7:29
Mile 2 7:33 7:33 7:36
Mile 3 7:34 7:42 7:46
Mile 4 8:07 8:18 8:17
Mile 5 7:37 7:32 7:32
Mile 6 7:38 7:38 7:41
Last .2 mile 1:30 1:33 1:32
Final time 47:27 47:54 47:53
First 5K 23:29 23:45 23:47
Last 5K 23:58 24:09 24:06
  +0:29 +0:24 +0:19

*5k splits for the Scotland Run were approximate, as there was no chip mat.  Also, the first mile was up the hilly west drive as opposed to the flattish CPW mile of the Mini 10k.  Mile 2 was half CPW, half Central Park.  Miles 3 to the end are identical between the 2 races.

So instead of a mile-by-mile…here’s a little recrap. 

The start seemed similar to last year…jogged down to the start to warm up, lined up in the blue corral with a coupla teammates (and even got caught on the NYRR video-around 1:44 in-spreading the Flyer love…)  Waited through all the speeches…which included Paula and Kara (Paula was running, Kara wasn’t.)  Finally a few minutes after 9, we were off.

Again, I tried to keep things under control in the 1st mile and not take it out too fast, as that strategy worked last year.  However, I thought my first mile seemed a bit slower than I wanted…and miles 2 and 3 weren’t much better.  I actually felt weaker on the hill in mile 3 than I did last year.  Mile 4 was a slog as usual but I knew once I made it to 90th street, the worst was over.  And I was actually passing people in the last 2.2 miles.  Mile 6, my strategy was “run hard to the 800m to go sign, then run even harder.  Then show no mercy on that last .2”  Not sure how well that worked in mile 6…though I was sorta pleased with my finishing kick.  But then I looked down at my watch after crossing the finish line and thought “Are you f*cking kidding me?  I only ran 1 second faster than my last 10k?  After supposedly being better trained?”

Well at least getting my picture taken with Kara Goucher

me and runner26 with kara goucher!

…and getting Kara’s autograph too…

…made me feel a little better.  (as did the strawberry margaritas and electric lemonades at the Boat Basin that afternoon…)

I do realize by the numbers-my race time does not look so bad.  And I even ran a more, uh, even race this time.  But I can’t keep but feel I could have done much, much better, as my recent races and workouts have suggested.  I blame a certain someone or something called the Devil’s Advocate (DA.)  He showed up after the mile race at Icahn and made another appearance after this race.  Here is the conversation between myself and said Devil’s Advocate after the race.

Me: Well you know, every other time I had a bad race at the Mini 10K, I could never break 50.  So 47 and change is not so bad, right?

DA: But you should have done much, much better.  Why couldn’t your legs get with the program to run under 47 minutes?

Me: Well, there also was that Brooklyn half I ran 3 weeks ago…was I not recovered from it?

DA:  Well, several of your teammates and friends who ran and/or PR’ed in Brooklyn also ran well and/or PR’ed today.  Why couldn’t you?

Me: The weather wasn’t ideal..kinda humid…

DA: Oh please.  You should not be using the weather as an excuse…wuss.  That’s just weak.

Me: Well I did hit up the Flyers’ happy hour last nite…but I was smart, I didn’t drink too much-and in fact, I had the Blue Point Blueberry beer  that I had the night before my 10K PR.  And I left early to go home, carbo-load, hydrate and rest.

DA: Are you forgetting Thursday nite out to watch your coworkers’ beer pong tournament?  You should know better.  Remember this learning experience?  Wagon for you the night before a race, missy.

Me: Maybe I should have skipped Tuesday’s workout?  Though it really didn’t feel hard at all…

DA: Again, your friends who did speedwork on Tuesday still had good races today.

Me: And maybe I should not have worn heels on Friday…even though they weren’t really high heels…

DA: Vanity has no place in running and racing.  Haven’t you learned by now?

Me: Well this is my first week of training for Chicago…and I’m training for a marathon, not a 10K, right?

DA: But a 47:53 10K does not equate a BQ marathon.  Far from it.  You have a lot of work to do.

And so on and so forth.  I wish that damn Devil’s Advocate could just leave me alone.  I’m not making any excuses-I plain and simple had no game that day. I’m still unsure what to make of my race…as well as my current running fitness.  Did I really get slower in the last 3 weeks?

One final note-I do have to thank quite a few peeps for their great support and cheering…Flyers DK, JB, DR, RG, Bandanahead, Lam, JB24…GA and KM from Urban…oh, and TK!!  (at least I think that was you I saw in mile 6 🙂 )

Til next year’s race.  And Devil’s Advocate, please do not show up next year.  In fact, if you can stay away from my next race too that would be great.  thankyouverymuch. 🙂