in with the new

found 2 heads ups in my inbox today!!

First off, SkirtSports has a new spring line…complete with updated MarathonGirls, GymGirls and RollerGirls in addition to other new stuff (including the UptownGirl…tee hee.) Though I’m actually not too crazy about the RollerGirl update…like the Classic version better. The other 2 look good though…but must wait til they go on sale šŸ™‚

And The Hills’ next season will be back on TV on March 24th. Thank God, I was going through withdrawal, I had to resort to Gawker’s catty commentary on Heidi’s so-called music career for some laughs.


2 thoughts on “in with the new

  1. Whahoooo…Hills is back on TV…wait…when do I get to watch tv?ok…yes, the runners skirts…well that’s not in real interest to me…Did you steal my apples? Seriously now….

  2. who are you and what have you done w/ crazybandanahead? i thought you’d be all over the skirts…esp. the ones with spankies…as that contributes to the 80% :-pI plead the fifth about the apples.:)

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