the (new year’s) situation

ahhh…first bloggy post of the new decade.  only took me 5 days! 🙂

so where did I leave off…oh yeah…fun and drama-free New Year’s Eve.  may not scored an invite to the real big party of the night, but me and others held our own on the other side of the East River 🙂  Just knockin’ back some good wine and champagne, not to mention laughing our a$$es off at the new episode of Jersey Shore.  As you can see, I couldn’t resist making a reference to “The Situation” in this post title 😛  That show is such a train wreck, but now I am unfortunately addicted.  This show definitely has the makings of inspiring another drinking game…drink whenever someone says “situation”, whenever the “duck phone” quacks, whenever one of the guys reminds us that he’s “not here to fall in love at the Jersey Shore, just here to hook up”…I’m sure there are a lot more we can think of 🙂  But getting back on the topic, was a nice way to say goodbye to the old and bring in the new.  Thanks, “cool friend” 😉

And if the last few days have been any indication…looks like 2010…well at least the winter of, is gonna be a brutal one.  Almost makes me glad that I’m not training for a spring marathon right now…or that could just be me telling myself that to make myself feel better.  Still keeping it short for now…can actually do the lower 5 loop (clockwise-don’t have the nerve to hit Cat Hill just yet) with the (sh)IT band holding up.  (And I will share again an extreme-cold weather dressing tip of mine for the ladies-running skirt (the kind with shorts instead of briefs) over tights!  It actually does work…)  And yesterday I wanted to join the Flyers for the downtown “First Monday” run (plus it’s good to get to run on the flat surface of the West Side path every now and then)  But I’m not quite up to their distance of 6-plus miles…thankfully Flyer EG also wanted to run shorter-4 and change-with me which worked out well-and we got to hit the bar first 😛  But after getting nice and warmed up indoors, getting back to the gym where my stuff was stashed was a rude awakening…brrrr!!  Man how 9 blocks seem so long…oh and being in the part of the city where numbered streets are mixed with named streets just seemed to taunt us so!!

So yeah, still just taking it day by day for now.  I do get my new orthotics later this week though…yay!!  Hoping they will help some.  Besides all that, I’ve just felt like hibernating…is it me, or does dealing with the freezing cold just suck the life out of you?

Oh-and a bloggy question for you all.  I’m pondering a switch from Blogger to WordPress (the free version).  From what I see, there seems to be more flexibility with the layouts/designs, can create pages (e.g., I can have a page for all my race reports instead of cluttering up the sidebar, or having to create a post dated way way in the past), and maybe is more stable than Blogger?  For those of you who use that/have used WordPress…or have used both Blogger and WordPress-which do you prefer/think is better and why?  Thanks in advance 🙂


3 thoughts on “the (new year’s) situation

  1. I like WordPress. The fonts, layouts, etc. Some good reading there as well.

  2. What a coincidence, I switched my blog over from Blogger to WordPress just last night. I did it because I found there were a lot more options the layout and I just think it looks a lot nicer. And once its set up, it seems to be a lot easier to tweak the layout (at least it has been for the last day that I've been using it…)Great to see you are running even further these days! Definitely better safe than sorry, even though it's not very fun to have to be so cautious.

  3. Rebecca-yep I noticed, the new blog looks nice!!I just started experimenting with WP over the long cold weekend…I also like the comment moderation/editing features and it has an app for my CrackBerry! 🙂

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