blown away

OK, maybe sleeping in and running in the afternoon, when it was crazy windy, wasn’t the smartest idea. And less smart would have been wearing shorts too!! (though better than the rains yesterday-kudos to all the runners who ran the 60K in that!) But it seemed as soon as I got going, the wind became a non-issue, and I actually had my best run since the marathon-all 7.2 miles of it. So yeah-I can officially say I’m recovered from the marathon.

Still not quite race-ready just yet, and in fact I’m glad that I didn’t run the Race to Deliver 4-miler today-besides it being notoriously crowded, I heard there were major issues with the corrals (runners being assigned wrong) and baggage (major bottleneck, about an hour wait.) Crazy!!

I’m almost 100% sure I will be racing next month-the Kleinerman 10K and the Holiday 4-miler. The goals for each shall be as follows:

10K-just run a decent race for once. Under 50 minutes at least…but hopefully under 49. If I feel like I can do damage to the PR, go for it.
4 miler-get at least a 2-second PR πŸ™‚

The nights before each race, I do have plans that involve alcohol. I’ll just have to make sure I stick to red wine, as that has proved itself to be a lucky pre-race drink for me πŸ˜‰ And pace, pace, pace!!

On a different note, I officially want none of the final 4 on this season of the Amazing Race to win…once again the team I was rooting for fall just short 😦


7 thoughts on “blown away

  1. I was scared by the ‘chilly wind’ reports yesterday morning before I ran, but they turned out to be nothing. oddly. congrats on bouncing back from your marathon!

  2. Hi !! I am late in the game but wanted to say congrats on a great marathon. :-)Did they REALLY have an hour long wait for bag pick-up??? Yikes. I was thinking of doing a couple of NYRRC races this winter but not up for that. Anyway congrats again, it’s worth repeating. Heidi

  3. I will also be pre-gaming with booze before those races. For sure before Joe K. Well, I don’t even know when the 4 miler is, but I’m sure I will be “doing some damage” the night before as well πŸ˜‰

  4. I actually got a formal apology email from the NYRR on the baggage debacle. It must have been really bad. Fortunately, I went to the race sans baggage and missed all the excitement.

  5. Didn’t know what the hoopla with the bag check was about ’til after I was done and saw lines wrapped around tables 2 times over. Yikes! I felt bad for those freezing their butts off on line with their singlets and running shorts. That’s just wrong.

  6. I was rooting for them as well—i have to say that terence should have man-up and eat the damn thing regardless of being a vegetarian! It is a for the fast forward!!!! unfortunately it looks like my least favorite team nick/starr and (weakest team ever) mother/son are the leaders of this race!! Go Frats

  7. yvonne-isn’t that always the case about the weather? yeah, hopefully i will have bounced back in races as well as training, that will be the real test. good luck in philly!!heidi-from what i heard, the bag check fiasco was an anomoly (this particular race gets crazy crowded due to the charity aspect!) thanks for the congrats :)R26-I think we’ll be doing the same pre-gaming both times ;-)johnny-yeah i heard that too (about the apology)-that’s rare. they must have gotten a ton of complaints. congrats on your PR!laminator-agreed that it was wrong…they probably should have known better, considering how crowded this particular race is. congrats to you on your PR too :)moz-i just think they shouldn’t have gone for the FF, period!! Wouldn’t T have known that any hint of an eating challenge would be trouble? (thats the one reason why i would never be able to do shows like that-I’d suck at eating challenges!) noooo frat boys (i think they are the weakest team ever!)…go dallas and toni!!

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