the next move is yours

Maybe “the next step is yours” or “the next run is yours” would have been more appropriate but I just felt like using another episode title from The Hills.  I just love how K-Cav got asked on last nite’s epsiode why she doesn’t go after any guys besides Brody and Justin Bobby.  Uh…maybe because they are seemingly the only 2 single guys in LA?  And Heidi and Spencer seriously deserve the title of “Dumb and Dumber”…yeah brilliant plan Heidi-Ho, to “surprise” Spencer by going off the pill and trying to get pregnant to spite him.  They truly deserve each other.  And after last nite’s episode of The City I feel like I need to slap some sense into Whitney, didn’t she learn her lesson in Miami that hanging with Roxy is career suicide?  And am I the only one who’s on Team Erin and thinks someone needs to put Olivia in her place?  And as for the third show on Triple Tuesday, reality-style, Dancing With the Stars…Joanna and Derek (not Jeter or Rose, hehe) wuz robbed!!  Alright, enough reality TV talk for now…

So the recovery progresses.  3 days in a row of yoga and weights…maybe make it 4 tomorrow?  Leg presses, leg curls and the hip adductor (sp?) machine have become a regular part of the routine.  Doing my PT homework daily.  Hope this will all pay off in the long run (ha ha).  And oh yeah-I actually did 15 minutes on the dreadmill on Monday!  This is where I get annoyed at my physical therapist.  So I see her Monday morning and she asks me if doing spinning has still aggrevated the knee…uh you told me not to do it!  I said I wouldn’t try spinning or running until given the OK…I’m trying to be a good little girl here!  And I actually got the OK to try to “run a few miles” but of course I know better than to do a few miles now.  But I really wanted to see where I was at in terms of recovery, so i figure the dreadmill was safe, in case I needed to stop before 15 minutes were up.  And thankfully I didn’t…there was some improvement, but not really 100%…still don’t feel like I’m out of the woods just yet.  But no lingering pain yesterday or today.  So if 15 minutes every coupla days is what’s gonna keep my sanity during this recovery period…I’ll take it.

But really, right now I’m kinda biding my time til November 30th, when I have my follow up appointment with doctor #1 and if he gives me another prescription for more PT, I do intend to switch.  It’s just really frustrating to not really feel like I have a game plan for recovery and for building back up…this is why I’d prefer to see one who is more familiar with runners.  But this is nothing that I haven’t already talked about before!  So we wait…


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