a "race" or a "marathon"

So for all you Amazing Race fans…

Anyone watch this past Sunday’s episode? Where the Roadblock was an Underwear Run of sorts, except not in 90 degree weather!! 😉 The task description? “One team member must participate in a winter marathon running 1.4 miles in their underwear.” Ummmm…since when has a marathon been 1.4 miles? And during the task, someone complained about “not having the right shoes for his long run.” Ummm…1.4 miles is a long run??? I did 12 and change earlier in the day-now *that’s* a long run!! 😛

OK, I guess I am a running snob 🙂

And yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities sorta reminded me of yet another thing from Amazing Race…any long-time watchers remember the ice bar in Stockholm in Season 6? OK, the bar we went to wasn’t entirely made of ice, and we weren’t sliding shot glasses on it, but was still cool to rest our pint glasses on the ice strip and keep em cool. 🙂

As for now…eagerly waiting for April to get here for 2 reasons-Cherry Blossom and my fall marathon decision will be revealed 🙂


3 thoughts on “a "race" or a "marathon"

  1. Not an AR fan, but I can smile at someone thinking a 1.4 mile race being long. I can also remember when I thought a 5K was an impossible distance to ‘race.’

  2. i caught that amazing race winter marathon sunday night ;Dthe looks on the russian faces as they ran those miles in their underwear was hilarious. but the best was the girl who had to “put on underwear” – b/c she didn’t wear any(!) – so she could run the race!it couldn’t of been that cold if they had time to stand outside the ballet and chitchat before heading inside to finish!

  3. As for amazing race I can’t wait for the jihs to get eliminated. How Tammy doesn’t get annoyed with victors comments is beyond me. How about some kisha / Jen love? For the win PR looking good doing the roadblock? Haha

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