who needs a pointless race anyway

As some of my other teammates who showed up for the “fun run” on Saturday morning told me, the road conditions were actually fine for a race, the roads were clear…even though this was pretty much $20 down the drain for me, I do still think NYRR made the right call-partially-with this one. I definitely agreed with them not making this a points race…not sure what the temps would be at the time, if it were below freezing, there might have been black ice on the ground…which wouldn’t be good for those racing this uber-aggressively (the top guys finish this race at a sub-5 minute pace!) As for turning this into a fun run instead of keeping as a scored race…I dunno, I actually agree with Runner26-that after the Chicago debacle, NYRR was erring on the side of caution…in any case, I don’t blame them for making the decision when they did-as all the local team people needed time to update their teams, etc…

As for me, I did originally think of signing up for a spin class, but didn’t feel like setting the alarm, and actually did a run in the early afternoon…the lower 5 loop of the park was definitely clear, not icy, conditions were great for a run with some flurrying at the very end. Oh-one thing I noticed-on the 102nd street transverse, there were a LOT of clipped red chip ties on the ground-more than I’d think there would be, considering the chips weren’t being used…

Then today, a Flyer teammate held a “Yoga for Runners” class at Practice Yoga-a cute little yoga studio (definitely a far cry from the classes at NYSC!!) Runner26 and Crazybandanahead were there, in addition to other teammates. This was a quite fast-paced class (power vinyasa)-but having done a good majority of the poses for the past coupla months, I actually was able to follow along pretty easily, and do some of the more intermediate/advanced versions of the poses-this one (shoulder stand) is actually my favorite. However-as much as I tried-I could not do the crow pose-don’t think my arms can support this much padding :-\ After the class, I said I felt like a “human pretzel.” :-p And Runner26 and I decided that a cupcake was in order and hit up the UWS Magnolia Bakery and sung the praises of lavender-frosted cupcakes. πŸ™‚

And finally-for some laughs (or not)-this is the latest “most annoying commercial that I can’t seem to get out of my head.” You all have my co-worker to thank for this, after mentioning it on his Facebook status. Tristate areaers-I apologize, but I have to show those who live outside the area what they are missing :-p

3 thoughts on “who needs a pointless race anyway

  1. oohh yum! lavender frosting! oh–that commercial…I first saw it in Puerto Rico–I could not believe that was an actual commercial!! (as opposed to some kind of joke) I guess it’s broadcast here now as well. We’ll just have to ride it out. Too bad I have no idea what it advertises–I only know the little jingle…lala

  2. Ugh, I’m so glad to hear someone just roll with NYRR’s decision and not complain about it! Hindsight is 20/20, and if there had indeed been treacherous footing and someone got hurt, people would be nailing NYRR to the cross and wondering why it didn’t have the foresight to cancel the race.On a better note, I *must* try that bakery sometime!

  3. runner26-the commercial is for Optimum’s (Cablevision) “Triple Play” package…good to know their advertising worked, and that you know exactly what is being advertised…loljud-yeah, I honestly was not too bummed about the cancellation. it’s $20 towards one less overcrowded NYRR race to get in my 9 πŸ™‚ and yes…you must try the cupcakes πŸ™‚

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