dancing with what?

Crazy week ’round these parts.  Anyone feel sometimes that the Thankgiving weekend is sometimes more than a curse than a blessing-trying to cram things in before Wednesday?  Or in my case, Tuesday as I need that Wednesday off to decompress a little before family overload.

So a late nite at the office Tuesday meant rest day for me, which was fine as I got to watch probably the most shocking elimination of this season on Dancing With the Stars, if not all seasons!!  More shocking than Audrina’s boot, and Rick’s…take a look as Brandy gets “Joanna’d” (look at season 9 to see what I mean)

Actually, some of the still images say it better.

Jennifer is pissed. Derek is like "WTF?"

Kyle's trying to hide his expression, but doesn't look happy. Lacey's halfheartedly clapping.

Carrie Ann and Len aren't happy with what went down. Bruno begs Brandy to come back anyway next week and freestyle for him.

So why was this shocking, you ask? Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this picture? (Literally.)

Can anyone tell me who doesn’t still belong in the competition?  Thought you could 🙂  I’m going with the judges’ choice and not America’s choice on this one 😉

Oh and just to throw something remotely running-related in here (because seriously, who doesn’t love checking out new running clothes?):

All Chicago Marathon apparel is on sale on the Nike website!!  I was waiting for this to happen and I couldn’t resist picking up a coupla things as the race was a good one (I was afraid to get more than 1 shirt at the expo!)  So I got the blue cold-weather top on the left and the white short-sleeve in the middle.  I wanted to get the hot pink cold-weather top but they were all out in my size.  So I got a non-Chicago hot pink top (on the right) on sale at Urban instead 🙂

Back to the grind!  Talk to all you bloggy peeps again in another week 😛


4 thoughts on “dancing with what?

  1. they were definitely cheated….just at the time Brandy was coming full circle of her growth on the show too. She omproved so much and i was looking forward to their freestyle.

  2. I had no clue this went down until I heard a recap…on NPR. You know it’s big news when public radio decides to comment! Or, just weird. I have only watched one episode of DWTS, with Kelly Osbourne, and it made me feel weird. But I’ve always been a Brandy fan. OH THE INJUSTICE.

  3. Don’t worry the Americans oftern get things worry, but you didn’t, you are going to look great in the pink top.

  4. That was really strange!

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