off-season, in-season

oops, another week has gone by and no other posts. well, at least it was a relatively low-drama week. (and thanks again for those of you who left me comments, both on and off the blog.)

with the exception of the weather!! i was very happy to dial the IWH (inclement weather hotline) on Monday and find out that the office was closed due to the snow. But apparently, since I didn’t check my email, I didn’t know until the next day that I was supposed to be online and accessable. Oops.

Running-wise, did feel a little “off-season” in a way. 5K pace/effort is 7:30-7:40 as opposed to 7:15-7:20, etc. Which was demonstrated by Cherry Tree and a track workout last month. However, a workout this past week that included 5K paced-timed pickups was a bit faster than that. Maybe off-season is coming to an end sooner than I thought!! But then again, as I said to JS when we were discussing the workout post mortem…maybe it was the whole “ignorance is bliss” thing…like I just know the effort even if i dont know the pace/distance til afterwards, as opposed to the track where you are locked into “x:xx per lap” At any rate, I do have definitely 1, possibly 2 short races on the horizon before Cherry Blossom-I figure I need to test things out on a more traditional distance (and without that killer Prospect Park hill!)

And these last 3 days were such a nice spring teaser…or hopefully a preview of what will be sticking around in about 2 weeks or so!! I celebrated by breaking out the running skirts for both yesterday’s long run and today’s shorter run 🙂 The park was absolutely mobbed, but the park drive time was minimal yesterday…and stuck to the bridle path today (yay for it being runnable again in record time after a snowstorm!)

And today was a “spring forward” day…yay for it being light enough after work to run on the bridle path now!! Though it was tough to lose the hour of sleep…as I didn’t get home last nite til after the time changed…so didn’t get til sleep til about 3:30-4!! Blame the fact that wine (especially riesling!) is just so damn easy to drink…needless to say, my run didn’t happen til mid-afternoon. Such a waste of a nice day…

And for my token reality TV mention-The Bachelor. The finale this week brought a whole new meaning to “most dramatic rose ceremony ever.”

One final note-I have decided on what my fall marathon will be!! It will be revealed next month, but I will keep the poll up in the meantime for fun 🙂


2 thoughts on “off-season, in-season

  1. Glad you had a good week! Let’s hope the good weather sticks around and we wouldn’t have to deal with any more white stuff until next winter!

  2. Yeah, the time change totally whammied my Sunday, too. I like the extra hour of daylight at the end of the day, too.

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