marathon recovery mishmash

I guess feeling like I’d just be causing more controversy by commenting on the 2 B’s (Boston and baseball), I haven’t had much to discuss the last few days.  Not even enough for an actual post, so here’s a mishmash of sorts…

Running…it has been happening.  Only 3 times last week, and a maximum of 8 miles for my “long run.”  Did make it to Urban last nite to test the waters with regards to speed…and I missed everyone since I hadn’t been there for a few weeks 🙂  Wasn’t really a tough workout as it was geared towards those who were tapering for NYCM.  Marathon pace with 3/4 mile after a short rest.  I just paced my friend to run 8:30s during the MP part.  The tempo part was kinda sluggish…I guess partially because my legs aren’t fully back yet, and it was also disgustingly humid last nite.  Didn’t Mother Nature get the memo that it is fall…

Since any racing plans for 2011 are up in the air right now, thinking to the end of 2010.  I just need one more race to get in my 9 (and I have the +1), which will probably be the Kleinerman 10K.  Also pondering the Ted Corbitt 15K 2 weeks after that, only because I really need a new 15K PR.  The first 15K of Chicago was run in 1:17:23, which is faster than my actual 15K PR (1:17:39-set in 2006.)  Not to mention that I’ve since ran 10-mile races, a 20K and several half-marathons at a faster pace.  I guess because 15K is such an uncommon race distance…usually only 2 of them on the annual NYRR calendar.  Obviously I will be passing on the $40 races on marathon weekend and in Prospect Park  😉 (though I really feel bad for the Brooklyn-ites about the latter one.)

Soooo I saw a shirt at Niketown that I really want…it has a cool design on the back very similar to the one I got in Chicago

As I think the shirt only says “Run NYC” on the front with no “Marathon”…that would make it OK for me to pick up this baby at the NYCM expo even though I’m not running the marathon?  Right? 🙂

I think last nite’s elimination on Dancing With the Stars has got to be the “most shocking elimination ever.”  How did someone who finished second in points for the week (Audrina Patridge from “The Hills”) get eliminated?  Something doesn’t make sense.  Didn’t think Kurt Warner had that big a fan base…enough to get saved (then again, there were a lot of people boo’ing at the judges, as they thought the judges scored his dance too low.)  And forget what I said before about The Situation, Bristol Palin is actually this season’s Kate Gosselin.

Came across this YouTube video that someone actually took while running Chicago!!  Nice way to sorta re-live the memory of the day.  And it is noticible how strong the sun was in the 2nd half of the race and how it had heated up…

All she wrote for now!!  🙂


3 thoughts on “marathon recovery mishmash

  1. What a cool video!!

  2. i am saddened by Audrina getting booted. shocked.

    i loathe bristol palin. L.O.A.T.H.E.

    totally get that shirt…it doesnt say marathon…game on!

  3. your recovery seems to be going quite well!

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