bloggers block

the last coupla days i thought about blogging but just couldn’t press the “new post” button…haven’t had much interesting stuff going on the last coupla weeks to write about!! but now here’s enough for a mishmash…

was a lazy runner last week. partially due to recovery from cherry blossom, other partially due to passover and assorted seders with la familia, and my snooze-button loving finger.

this week going a little better. and yesterday, i not only got the opportunity to lead a speed workout, but i actually led the workout. let’s see if anyone gets what i mean here 🙂

The Hills!! It’s back. And Spencer is even more of a douchebag than before. Such a trainwreck. I’ve really been getting into Dancing With the Stars this season though…rooting for Melissa and Tony to win-sentimental favorite after what happened with “The Bachelor.” And Amazing Race!! How the hell can the stuntmen be so dumb to get time penalties on 2 consecutive legs??? Saved by the non-elim…meh. And didn’t these guys learn anything from last season when one team lost their passports?? I’m rooting for the lawyer brother/sister team to win…

both of my parents are now on facebook. god help us all. and my dad thought he screwed up my mom’s profile when supposedly his picture was showing up on comments my mom was making. ummm…did either of you look to see who’s name was at the top of the screen, and logged in? or even think of logging out when you have a shared computer? too funny.

Brooklyn Half registration is up, but not sure I’m really up for a half right now. I’d rather keep my race efforts short and sweet for now. (I am signed up for the Mini 10K, but not counting on it being a great time if the weather is a repeat of last year.) Thinking a non-Central Park/NYRR 10K may be good!! Why? Well…take a look at my top 5 10K times:

1. 47:06-Kleinerman 10K 2008
2. 47:38-Kleinerman 10K 2004
3. 48:37-10K split in Philly Distance Run 2008
4. 48:56-10K split in Cherry Blossom 10-miler 2009
5. 48:59-Mini 10K 2004

The fact that 2 of those are 10K splits in longer races…I need to get the heck out of Central Park for a 10K just once. Anyone have any suggestions of good 10Ks in the area?

MCM is 98% full as of today!! Glad I registered when I did…

Alright-enough blogging, back to watching 13 Going on 30!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “bloggers block

  1. You have a cat don’t you? You’re a Manhattan cat woman if you know what me mean.

  2. lol re: your rents on ‘book ;)i’m on the fence re: brooklyn myself. It’s interfering with my intense party plans…

  3. Hi, I’d like to interview for my website. Hope to hear from you.cheerscarmel

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