is this really what it takes?

Well now that The Hills is on hiatus til August, that means I need to find some other show to occupy my time on Monday nights…and The Bachelorette has done that job. Last week’s premiere was quite entertaining…but I swear, the things these guys do to get attention have gotten more and more ridiculous…

  • There was the martial-arts guy, who I guess thought it would be impressive to kick a lemon off the head of another bachelor…
  • The guy who stripped down to his briefs to jump in the pool…oh yeah, the briefs had the girl’s name on the a$$
  • The personal trainer who’s ‘roid problem was evident after he did not get a rose-after all, he should get picked because his body made him God’s gift to women, right?
  • Not to mention gifts that ranged from necklaces to “crab cocktails” (the latter made by one of the bachelors who was a chef)

I guess you actually had to watch the show to really see what I mean…as I don’t think I do a good job describing (or actually, Entertainment Weekly does a better job here.)

But good lord…I know this is TV, I know this is “fantasy,” but guys…please do not get any ideas from this. You really don’t have to go this far to impress me (or most other girls, I’m sure!)

That being said, I didn’t know whether to feel sorry for the guy who botched the National Anthem during the Dodger Stadium date on last night’s episode…or think “come on-you should know this by now!”


7 thoughts on “is this really what it takes?

  1. why not run with a different running group on Monday nights? We would love to have you…and we just had another couple from our running group get engaged…plus we are known for having the coolest, most down to earth and hottest guys(not me, I’m a dork).Dogs Rule

  2. who I guess thought it would be impressive to kick a lemon off the head of another bachelor…How??? is this not impressive??? I’ve always wanted to try that… πŸ˜‰

  3. anon-hey, no recruitment efforts on the blog!! πŸ˜‰ (save it for email instead…lol) besides, i’ve always fit in both my running and trash TV on Mondays :)runner26-ok, i guess it *is* impressive, but the criteria of my future husband never included “can kick citrus fruits off other people’s heads.” darn.

  4. For the record, as one of your loyal readers, “anonymous” is not me. I don’t recruit from other running clubs! πŸ™‚

  5. jud-i didn’t think it was you :)but who can it be?oh moz…were you anonymously looking to start trouble…? hehe πŸ™‚

  6. haha! Good guees though. Unfortunately, I always sign-in to post my comment. Hence not me :). Damn it is ‘dawgs’…not dogs!!!!!

  7. Check out Lincee’s blog for Bachelor and Bachelorette recaps. I’m not watching this season (mostly because I can’t seem to find the episodes online and I don’t have time to watch live or go home and watch my DVR), but getting the in-jokes on her blog was always my motivation for watching. Television Without Pity is also pretty fun.

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