the wheels come off

I know I’ve mentioned it before…but when it comes to intervals, my legs seem to like longer ones more than shorter ones.  Give me 800 meters, 1K, 1200m or even a mile and they’re happy (well, as long as I pace myself.)  I just feel like I suck so badly at 400s, 200s or shorter.  Like I get dusted so badly in those by people I can normally either stick with or beat in a race, and even though workouts are not races, it’s not always good for the mental game when that happens.  Or maybe, once again, my endurance trumps my actual speed (or lack of it.)

So when I found out that last nite’s workout was gonna be 10 x 150m topped off with 6 x 200m for good measure…first thought was “oh boy this is gonna suck”…followed by “well, this *is* what I need to work on…”  And it really wasn’t that bad!!  Focus on form, quick turnover, etc…led to some surprisingly fast 150m times for me (and surprisingly consistent too!)  But warned that the 200s will be tougher…that once 30 secs are down, thats when the going gets tough.  Could 50 meters make that much difference?  Guess it did…yep, definitely had to fight for those last 10-15 seconds.  And by the last 2, I felt like the “wheels came off”…it was tough, had to go to my form to hang in there, keep repeating the “fighter, fighter” in my head…done!!  And even if I felt like I was fading at the end, my 200s were still pretty consistent as well.

The splits story: (the odd numbered repeats were a slight uphill, even numbered ones a slight downhill)

So yeah, what I said before…I was nothing, if not consistent 🙂  Curious to see how I do next time we do this workout.  In the meantime, looking forward to what’s in store next Tuesday… 🙂

And tomorrow?  An “endurance” workout not of the running kind…celebrating Cinco de Mayo a day late with bar-hopping to at least 2 places…preceded by a drink for coworker’s b-day.  I gotta remember…pace, pace, pace!! 😉


7 thoughts on “the wheels come off

  1. Well done with the workout, and nice job toughing the short intervals–the mental part of running is underrated.

  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself,the key to repeats isn’t how fast you can do them but being consistant and judging from your splits you were,job well done.

  3. Wow check out that consistency! I want you to pace me at my next race :D. I can never seem to hold any kind of consistency.

    Great job!

    • You will get there with time-trust me!! 🙂 I sucked at pacing (especially with shorter stuff) the first coupla years I was running…and even now I still slip up every now and then (particularly with the first mile of 5ks, or the first interval in a workout!) but I got there and so can you! 🙂

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