the "k korner"

believe it or not, this is a running-related post…not baseball. i know, i know, never would have guessed…

So lately 1000m…better known as 1K, has been a distance that’s come up quite a bit in speed workouts. It’s kind of a weird distance…its like, the first 800m is good and then it hits me for the last 200m, gotta work on keeping the form, keeping the speed up. I find it (as well as its not-so-distant cousin, the 1200m) to be the interval equivalent of a 4-mile race…is a 4-miler a long 5K or a short 5-miler, when it comes to racing style? Is 1K a long 800m or a short mile? 🙂

On the other hand, I do like the longer distances in speedwork…not that workouts are races or anything. Cuz they’re not. But I feel like I always get dusted badly in 200s or 400s, whereas the fact that my endurance is a bit better than my speed can help me in longer intervals…can be a little more “competitive.”

So once again, I’m running 1K repeats at my 5K pace….which still, even when holding back a little and not going all-out, is still faster than my PR 5K pace (7:17) I averaged 7:05 pace for the workout, so a 22-flat 5K. I do think that my 5K PR is way overdue for a falling…that and 5 miles, the 2 distances that I still claim “submasters PRs” for instead of lifetime ones and hope that can be remedied this year. The question is when. And will I ever pace them decently instead of running a fast mile 1, slow mile 2 then hanging on for the last 1.1 miles.

I do have a 5K coming up, the Party With Purpose 5K which I did last year and came everso close to my PR. This year I will be running it 2 days after a 15-miler, so I won’t be completely tapered or anything. We’ll see what happens…if I PR, great, if not…it’s still a good race for a good cause and having fun with Flyer friends over a few drinks afterwards…and isn’t that what it’s all about?

And besides, the shorter race that I really want to shine at is in another month anyways…the Club Team Champs 5-Miler. If the conditions are right, and the cheering from the guys is in full effect as usual…I predict good things can happen 🙂

And with that, the office manager is barking at us all to get outta here-happy long weekend, everybody!! 🙂


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