still in recovery


i’ve been quite lazy this past week and don’t feel any guilt whatsoever πŸ™‚

well actually, I eventually will feel guilty if I don’t stop eating these limited edition Candy Cane Hershey’s Kisses (white chocolate with mint candy bits…this is chocolate candy perfection.)

It was a nice, semi-lazy weekend. Yesterday, MF and I got much-needed (and very appreciated by my calves/hamstrings) post-marathon massages, and did some shopping in Chinatown.Today was yet another get-together of the NYC running bloggers, this one in honor of Liam’s (and his son-who’s celebrating his 21st b-day!) visit to NYC. We all knocked back some beer (well most of us) and some food at Westside Brewery, and also in attendance were Sister Smile, jbl, Skylight, Runner26, Sara, BrunetteChicagoGal and Uptown Girl-and as usual, a great time was had.

Anyway, for the first time in awhile, it was nice to have a weekend go by and not have major mileage on the schedule. But my legs feel rarin’ to go, probably sometime this week, but ease into it.

So thanks to a certain couple of teammates, I am considering Chicago for next fall πŸ™‚ I’ve heard nothing but great things about this race, especially the crowd support. Only concern I do have is the start. Not to sound like an “elitist” here-but one of the big pluses to NYC was that I had such a great starting position. In Chicago-unless they loosen the standards this year, the preferred start standards are 1:45 half/3:55 full. (I’m sure my 1:43 from Vegas-Jan ’05-would be outside the qualifying window.) So unless I get a 1:45 half next year, I’d be in the open start. Is that start a “free-for-all”-meaning there’s a chance I’d get stuck behind people doing 5 or 6 hour marathons-or is there some order? I know I have until next spring to worry about that, but it’s never too early to start thinking about these things πŸ™‚

And once again, Brightroom hates me…as the pictures they got of me were crap-just “crowd” pictures. Little disappointed that for my first marathon, to not get any pictures of me actually running (well except for the 2 that I posted before.)

I was amused to hear this from a co-worker the other day-he wanted a client to take out questions about blogging from their questionnaire because “nobody blogs, or reads blogs.” Guess I live in quite a different world…


9 thoughts on “still in recovery

  1. Post-race laziness is so great :-)As for your blog-unaware coworker: he can join the ranks of the politicians, pundits and old media tycoons who bizarrely still refuse to believe in “the internets” (See: George Allen and YouTube, Lamont’s [fleeting] success, Nick Lemann and “journalism without journalists”, etc etc etc)

  2. I have a friend who is very connected to the Chicago Marathon organizers. We just had post-race beers with Carey Pinkowski, marathon director, last weekend when he was here scoping out the marathon. I can’t guarantee anything, but I could see if he could get you a preferred start. If anything, he could answer your question about the organization of the start. And yeah, many people are not in tune with the blog world. I was one of them until I started my own. It’s amazing how few of my friends read mine. So many of them say, “I’m just not into the blog thing.” They’re missing out if you ask me. Fun seeing you today, BTW! And I almost fell off my chair when I read that Liam’s son is 21; I thought he was like 16!

  3. I don’t think I’m really tuned in to the blog world. Despite having one and checking up regularly on a couple dozen others, it’s just not a big part of my life. But maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be?Chicago: I suspect they cut off at 3:55 because to cut off at 4:00 would have all the 4:02 marathoners pushing for the preferred start. By publishing 3:55 preferred, they can actually include all sub-4-hour marathoners without any guilt at actually cutting off at 4:00. I think you’ll get the preferred start if you apply for it, especiallly if you point out that your sub-4 PR was your first marathon! I’m 100% positive you could qualify for Boston in Chicago; you’ve got the legs and the spirit.

  4. Good to see you yesterday. Glad you are taking the time to let your body relax and regroup. When do you need that 1:45 half by??As for your coworker, I think he needs to read the news a bit more as SL states. Blogs have become a major player as a 24/7 news outlet. It’s interesting you mention this because BCG and I were discussing a bit about this at lunch yesterday. We’ve even moved beyond blogs and into You Tube as a major player.

  5. When I ran Chicago in ’00 they didn’t have any preferred start. I think people just sorta lined up according to pace, roughly. But the course starts on a 10-lane highway in Chicago’s equivalent of Central Park, Grant Park. When I ran it seemed like there was a lot more room at the start than in NYC. (At least NYC’s blue start). I think I was running at the pace I wanted pretty quickly into the race. Also it’s just a much faster course in general. Plus no waiting around for three hours at the start!What about a spring marathon, though? I’m thinking about maybe Prague, Vermont City or Vancouver…

  6. great fun at yesterday’s shin-dig!I have a strong feeling that you’ll qualify for the “ELITE” start in Chicago, especially since there are a few 1/2 marathons in Jan-March…..and chocolate is definitely a great post-marathon treat! I’ll have to sample some of those Hershey’s kisses for sure!

  7. I ran Chicago last year and your friends are correct. It is a great race, it is well organized, and the crowd support is almost as good as NYC.Chicago as a city is really very cool too. Worth a few extra days to check it out. One piece of advice… Book your hotel now.I missed the mens prefered start by about :30 seconds so I didn’t bother applying for the prefered start. The open start is a bit nutty but if you get to the start early you can secure a spot at the front of the open start – directly behind the prefered start people.

  8. Flyergirl, I just wanted to congratulate you on your amazing marathon debut. You’re such a smart runner! I saw you briefly on the Verrazano bridge and said hello–not sure you recognized me. Again, congratulations. As for the marathon recovery, it’s strange, but I am not so happy about being lazy and eating pastries and croissants…It was fun for a few days, but I’m starting to feel sluggish, so it’s time to set a new goal for 2007 and train again!-Eve

  9. as for the “blog-unaware coworker”-the irony is that he’s very immersed in online research. i think he’s aware of blogs, but supposedly research supports that “no one blogs?” hmmmm…re: Chicago’s preferred start-i’d definitely like to actually earn it-I think i’d need that 1:45 (at 59 seconds if I need it!!) by August? However, January-March halfs are out of the question, since I’d need time to get in shape…I wasn’t even in 1:45 shape during marathon training!! So it’d be a late April/early May half to go for it…and Derek-as per my previous post, no spring marathon for me…would love to avoid burnout if at all possible…Eve-yes, I did see you on the bridge at the beginning of the marathon. Congrats to you-you had a great time!!

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