surprise, surprise

party favor-a fancy wine stopper resting next to a watermelon martiniso, my dad only gets one 60th birthday. and for some reason beyond all logical comprehension, my mom decides to throw him a nice surprise party at a nearby restaurant with dj, dancing, good food and open bar. but you understand, it’s almost impossible to get *anything* past him. we were all sure he’d find out. but as it turned out, surprised he was last nite to walk into the party room of the restaurant and see about 30 friends, family and loved ones. he expected that something was up, but not something that big!! so it was a good time. i was more sober than my mom was (she is never allowed to lecture me about drinking again, now she knows where i get it from!) my brother and i were not embarassed to be dancing with the other “adults” like we were at our bat/bar mitzvahs (as now we understand that they were all buzzed while dancing way back when.) we kept teasing my cousin about his 15 minutes of fame…it’s just the story that keeps on giving. my dad got appropriately toasted and roasted and showered with gifts. all in all, the evening was a success. (and my family is 2 for 2 in surprise parties this year-my brother and i threw a nice surprise dinner for the parentals’ 35th anniversary.) love ya dad!! here’s to many more!!
mint hershey's miniatures

And as if Hershey’s mint kisses weren’t enough chocolate temptation (and i noticed there is a petition to try and get them made permanent, cool) I discovered something even better-Hershey’s mint miniatures. mint milk chocolate, mint dark chocolate and-the absolute kicker-white chocolate with mint candy bits-i mean, how can you get much better than that last one?? man oh man…please someone remind me i have a dress i still need to fit into next month for the Flyers’ awards party…

now playing: “rie y llora” ~ celia cruz


2 thoughts on “surprise, surprise

  1. Sounds like a fun surprise party! We got my mom for her 50th…and she had no clue as well:)As for the chocolate, they really need to stop coming up with more yummy concoctions…I’m going to turn into a chocolate soon:p

  2. the toughest part was just keeping the secret…my dad is one of those who knows how to find out anything!! like, we were so sure he’d call up the restaurant and ask “what time is the (insert last name here) party?”but he didn’t 🙂

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