good as gold

So even though I prefer the Summer Olympics, I’ve really been getting into these Winter Games.  The US definitely representing and then some!  But in a way, i feel that some of the stories I’ve seen all kinda lead back to running in a way…and more specifically some of my experiences in the last year.

Take Lindsey Vonn, for example.  She’s the woman to beat on the slopes, and the big story of the games is her injured shin and “will she or won’t she” compete, win gold, etc.  But she’s decided to go for it, and her determination was rewarded with a downhill gold medal, and oh-so-close to another one in the combined.  And in a way, it kinda reminds me of the taper leading up to MCM…while a BQ is nowhere near Olympic caliber, I still felt I owed it to myself to just try…

Then last nite, I was very glad to see Evan Lysacek win the gold medal in men’s figure skating…yeah all the haters are gonna say it was too close to call, etc, but I thought he deserved it…he skated a flawless program!!  No falls, no stumbles or any of that.  And oh yeah…doesn’t hurt that I think he’s a hottie 🙂  And gotta root for the US too!!  But what I’ve seen others say is that he didn’t deserve it, he didn’t do any quadruple jumps…oh yeah, especially the one he beat out is trash talking like crazy.

“If the Olympic champion doesn’t know how to jump a quad, I don’t know,” (Yevgeny) Plushenko said. “Now it’s not men’s figure skating, now it’s dancing.”

But Lysacek makes no apologies for what he does — and doesn’t — do. He’s done the quad before, but it puts a lot of stress on the left foot that he broke last year. He originally planned to do the quad here, but after feeling pain in the foot again after last month’s U.S. championships, he decided it wasn’t worth the risk of getting hurt and having to miss the games.

“If it was a jumping competition, they’d give you 10 seconds to go do your best jump. But it’s about 4 minutes and 40 seconds of skating and performing from start to finish,” Lysacek said. “That was my challenge tonight, and I feel like I did quite well.”

And in a way, this makes me think of my decision to make MCM a DNF…I did what I felt was the smart thing and didn’t want to take the risk of further damage, and never being able to try again for a BQ…or whatever else.  And Evan Lysacek did the smart thing too last night, and glad that the judges agreed with that decision. 

So many congrats, Evan.  It’s refreshing to see someone being handsomely rewarded for doing the smart thing.  I can only hope I’ll be handsomely rewarded someday for doing the smart thing back on October 25, 2009…