mind games

OK, I know there are lots who say that Runner’s World is not a magazine for “serious runners”, that it just caters to the “casual jogger” set.  Say what you will, but I thought this article about Kara Goucher in the March 2010 issue was great.  Whoda thunk that one of the best in the world has the same insecurities about running/racing and fights the same mental demons that I do when it comes to this sport.  And I guess it once again touches upon the importance of having good coaching…good for the mind as well as the race times, I guess.  As I mentioned once before-I think lacking coaching in the last 2 months of my MCM training did play a part in things going down at the end.  Back in September, I felt insecure, doubted my training, and didn’t have anybody to tell me not to worry, or that my training was indeed on track.  Maybe if I had that help with the mental game back then, things may have turned out differently on October 25th.  But what’s done is done, all I can do is look forward to Chicago and just do my research in terms of coaching/coached workouts for now, so when June 7 comes around, I’ll be ready to rock and have a solid “team” behind me…

And with regards to that running thing, thankfully Mother Nature cut us a break the last coupla days.  so much, in fact, that I was actually a little overdressed for Monday’s downtown run.  Yeah, decided to join the group-cuz thankfully JG said he would do 4 miles at an easy pace which was exactly what I needed.  And a certain birthday girl joined along too! 🙂  So while most of the group did what seemed like a 6-mile tempo run, a nice group of us banged out an easy, chill 4 miles…and hey, that means we got to the post-run beer quicker too! 🙂  Post-run festivities were fun, especially learning someone’s aversion to Facebook…long story, guess you had to be there 😛

In other news, it has come to my attention that the content on my blog-specifically, the non-running content, has left something to be desired.  I don’t know what to say about that except I’m sorry!!  I wish I had more running stuff to talk about, but injury recovery doesn’t exactly make for fun and interesting posts, and stories about 3 or 4 mile runs are not that impressive.  Yeah, there’s Chicago training to talk about, but that’s not until June…meaning I’d need “filler” topics for 3 months!  And yes, I know this originally started off as a running blog, but somehow personal stuff got added to the mix when I just felt like writing my thoughts…what exactly is the etiquette of mixing non-running stuff with running stuff on a “running blog”?  Anyways, just doing the best I can…all I can do, I guess.


let’s play a love game, play a love game

it’s complicated and stupid
got my ass squeezed by sexy cupid
guess he wants to play, wants to play
a love game, a love game

(who knows, maybe Lady GaGa knows what she’s talking/singing about…)  I would be lying if I didn’t say I was happy that today is February 15th.  Meaning the most dreaded day of the year (and indeed complicated and stupid)  is behind me again…until next year.  And every year I say “next year will be different”…never is.   Of course, the everso lovely Facebook didn’t exactly help matters much, as the theme of the week was “change your profile picture to one of you and your significant other and tell how you got together.”  Or as one of my friends put it “Remind all your single friends how alone they are by showing us how happy and in love you all are in your profile pic…”  Yeah, thanks SO much, Facebook!!

I think I really started to hate Valentine’s Day back in 2001, when the Ex-Boyfriend emailed me on that day, and in the process was sorta bragging about how great things were for him-at a time where things were not going well for me. (like jeez, great timing…)  It takes a lot to make me cry at work…well congrats to him, he achieved that.  And I guess ever since then I’ve been reminded of that.  And for the record, I could care less about receiving actual gifts on February 14th.  Flowers eventually die.  Candy will just make me fat.  All I want is companionship…is that honestly too much to ask?  I know its hard to achieve…but can’t a girl believe?

So instead of sitting at home with a bottle of wine or going to some meet-market type Jewish singles event, I just went around the corner to my fave Mexican place and had a coupla margaritas while sitting at the bar and watching the Olympics.  Not exactly the ideal way to spend the evening, but I just didn’t feel like being alone at home.  And there was indeed a Jewish singles event that night but I really wasn’t up for it.  Oh, and I discovered that I really need to be banned from drunk texting and/or emailing on February 14th.  Think I need a breathalyzer for the CrackBerry…or something like Gmail’s “Mail Goggles” feature.  Anyway, sorry about that, “certain person.” 😉

Anyway, different topic…oh yeah, the Olympics.  Can’t say I am as emotionally invested in these games as I am for the Summer games, but still nice to watch.  And gotta love NBC and their spotty and/or tape-delayed coverage once again!  (Did they not learn anything from Beijing 2008?)  And poor Canada…between the techincal malfunction in the opening ceremonies and the not-so-winter-like weather…they’ve got their work cut out for them for the remainder of these games.

And speaking of winter weather, can Vancouver please take all the snow that we’re getting here in NY?  Seriously, they need it, we don’t want it-there, perfect solution.  I mean yeah, it was nice to have a shortened work day last Wednesday (our office closed early that day due to the weather) but enough is enough already…can you all tell that I’m not a winter person? 🙂

And thanks to everyone who voted in my poll and commented on my last post…I’m pretty sure I know what I am gonna do but I’ll just leave you all in suspense a little while longer 😛