2012 running goals, or something like that

So as I said in my 2011 year-in-review post, I’d address 2012 later.  Well, it’s later 🙂

So here’s what I got on the horizon so far this year…

  • Boston Marathon (4/16/12)  Obviously this is the biggie as of now.  Time goals?  I don’t know as of now.  At the very least, I want to finish-yes, I want the jacket 😛  I do want to enjoy the experience-and not be in misery for the  last 10K like I was in NYCM.  Ideally, I would run a respectable time, as I am in the need for marathon redemption 🙂  I do have to take into consideration that my training will be 3 weeks shorter, therefore a PR may not be realistic.  But if everything were to go right?  Obviously I would like to requalify…but would shoot for sub-3:40.  None of this 3:35 nonsense, that’s crazy talk!  I should have known better, the B.A.A. gives us upper submasters the extra 5 minutes for a reason.  I guess I’ll re-assess goals as we get closer to Patriots’ Day!
  • NYC Half-Marathon (3/18/12)  After being a lottery loser last year, they actually let me in this year!  Yes I know what the price tag is, and it would cost just as much, if not more, to travel to a half.  For me, I felt it was worth it for several reasons.  It’s perfectly timed as a Boston tune-up.  Last time I ran it was the inaugural race in 2006, and I was not happy with my race at all.  I’d love to get redemption from that one!  This is also the last chance to run a NYCMQ half time under the “old” standards-1:37 or faster (not sure if I’d run NYC or not, but it’d be nice to get the qualifier just once.)  Not sure if I’ll be quite there just yet, but who knows what can happen in 2 months?  (or maybe I can run 1:37:51 to beat my 2006 time by 10 minutes…hehe.)  Finally, the course is changed a little bit, and I’m liking it!!  Start in the lower part of the park, counterclockwise loop in the park (if we have to do the full 6 thats the direction I prefer,) one less mile in the park, finish now near the Seaport.  Should be fun!!  (and will be amusing to see the St. Patrick’s Day drunks leaving the bars around the same time that I’m heading for the start.)

    the new course!

So those are the only 2 races definitely on the schedule as of now.  What else would I like to see happen this year?

  • A 10K PR.  It should not be that my 10K splits in both Philly halfs I’ve raced (46:29 in 2009, 46:38 in 2011) are faster than my actual 10K PR (47:06, set in 2008.)  Maybe try for one in the Mini 10K in June?  The thing is that one is hit or miss in terms of weather. 
  • Sub-7 minute pace short race?  (e.g., 3-miler, 5K, maybe 4-miler?)  I’d have to get back into the shape I was in last summer…then find a flat course in good weather.  Maybe sometime in the fall?

As for the fall-have no clue what I will be doing, race-wise.  Let’s see how the spring plays out…


8 thoughts on “2012 running goals, or something like that

  1. that looks like a beautiful route!!! I am envious!! I need to get some races in my planner!!!

  2. I think I like the new half course very much. I’d also loveeee to beat my original NYC half time by 10 minutes. Would be cool to finally have improved by 10 minutes since my first. Let’s see if I will be ready…

    Good luck with your goals 🙂

  3. There is so much time before Boston, there is no reason you can’t run a good time… I hope you get some good miles in and you surprise yourself.

  4. Have fun in Boston! The crowd support is amazing! My old running group used to consider Boston “a bonus race”- you got there and have nothing to prove, so enjoy it! Don’t worry so much about posting a great time that you miss the experience.
    Re: NYCM qualification, they don’t give you the 59 sec that Boston has in the past (isn’t Boston dropping it too, actually) qualifying is under 1:37:00. So you’ll just need to run 11 min faster!

    • well…my situation is such that I do have a little something to prove-I only got in because I had aged up (plus it was still under the old standards)…so I’d like to re-qualify and shut certain haters up 🙂 But yes, I definitely do want to enjoy the experience…we’ll see what happens in 3 months!

      Yep, I know the extra 59 secs isn’t good for NYCM qual-my PR is 1:37:36, oh so close! If I can’t get the 1:37, the “10 minutes faster” is a good B goal 🙂

  5. I was struck by your use of the category “upper submasters” because of a recent encounter I had while signing up for a local 10K here in Cuenca, Ecuador. I was amused (and pleased) to see that here I belong to the group know as “Eternal Youth”. Now there is a category we should all hope to go with for a very long time..:)

    A. Categories .- The categories involved are:
    Youth Class 15 to 19 years (Men and Women)
    Senior Category 21 to 39 years (Men and Women)
    Masters Category 40 to 54 years (Men and Women)
    Category Eternal Youth Age 55 years (Men and Women)
    Wheelchairs Disabled

    • hehe…I actually usually dont hear “submasters” being used outside of my running team-that is their term for the 30-39 age group.

      I do like your race’s descriptions the the age groups. And considering how well some of the 50’s and 60’s on my team race, maybe there is something to that whole “eternal youth” thing!

  6. enjoy the boston training – and i’m sure the race will be a blast! if nothing else, it will be an amazing experience 😉

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