something old, something new

Happy 2012, blog readers!! 🙂  Yes I know I’m slacking in blogging again.  Blame the post-holidays craziness at work…

So New Year’s 2011/2012 weekend came and went.  The theme for those few days is represented well by the title…seeing old friends, as well as new(er) as well.  The “old”?  Well not by age, but a Flyer friend who moved far north in 2010 (wow, I can’t say “last year” anymore) came to visit for a few days, and we caught up over a few beers at Ginger Man and a short Central Park run the following day.

Then Saturday, New Year’s Eve Day, brought a run to the Doughnut Plant.  (Much better writeup on Susan’s blog, here you’re getting the abbreviated version 🙂 ) Over the Brooklyn Bridge, back over the Williamsburg…can you guess who coordinated this run, just from hearing a rough version of the route? 😉  Anyway, it was a nice, chill run-good to see some I hadn’t seen in a long time, and meet new runners/bloggers!  And how great was it that it was shorts weather on December 31st?  Anyway, the Doughnut Plant is definitely as good as advertised-I was all over getting a gingerbread donut!!  And of course I had to have another, so I got another gingerbread and an oatmeal donut…oatmeal is healthy, right? 😉

betcha can't spot me 😛

So then I headed back home to midtown and snapped this pic from 44th and 8th…

you'd never guess that one block east lies total insanity.

 Then I got ready to escape midtown for the evening.  Unfortunately, previous plans for an old friend to spend New Year’s here got canceled at the last minute, thankfully I did have backup plans!  My speedwork buddy EA volunteered to let me escape to her place on the UES since we were both doing the Midnight Run.  Pizza, champagne, gossip, no drama-exactly what I needed.  (well unless you count our other friend who came over for a little bit after overdulging on pomegranate martinis.)  So we got to the park and just like the previous year, a pretty warm night-I actually felt a little overdressed with capris under my Team Sparkle skirt.  (guess I shoulda gone with booty shorts instead)?  Yep, my “costume” for the night was a “sparkly heartbreaker”-with sparkly skirt, sparkly headband and my “Heartbreakah” shirt I got in Boston last year. 🙂

So with about 15 minutes to go, tons of peeps were already lined up, but EA, ever the competitive chick, wanted to run fast which meant getting as far up as possible-we found a way to get up pretty close-could actually see the clock counting down 🙂  And before I knew it, was midnight and we were off and running…literally.

Yep, I actually felt decent enough to make this a semi-tempo effort (might as well, considering I missed both workouts the previous week 🙂 )  And let the record show there was no champagne consumed during those 31 and change minutes 🙂  It was just a nice night, people were out cheering, and my legs just wanted to go.  And this was over 10 minutes faster than last year!  granted, this is not a “race” effort, but I just remember it feeling like a struggle last year, and it was nice to get 2012 off to a good start on the running front.

that ain't water in my bottle.

So then EA and I hung around a little but after the race, scoped out the festivities, finished the champagne in our respective water bottles…and then I headed back home to Ball Drop Central.

around 1:45 am on 1/1/12. still barricades and detours around times square!

So, one week into the New Year.  There’s already new shoes, new goals…and this week was the first real week of my Boston Marathon training!  I’ll be doing 15 weeks instead of 18 weeks as I’ve done in the past, to give myself a little more recovery after NYCM and to prevent burnout.  We’ll see how that plays out!


10 thoughts on “something old, something new

  1. Sad I missed the donut run!! Gingerbread donuts??? YUM!!!

    Love the sparkle skirt! Have been contemplating getting one…

  2. NYC would be an amazing place to run daily… Lots of sights and sounds, never get bored!

  3. Pretty sick time there, considering it was *after* the pizza and champagne. Good luck with Boston training. So far, you couldn’t pick a better winter for it!

  4. great race! that is a tough one to take seriously ; )

    i always liked the doughnut plant – just never planned a run there (what a great idea!!)

    happy new year – can’t wait to hear all about your boston training and the race, of course

  5. Happy New Year and good luck with the Boston training. Here is a very short version of a very long story – I’ve moved to Ecuador where I will be living and running at high altitude (about 8500 feet) training for Chicago (if I get in Feb 1st), learning Spanish and just generally carving out a new life. If you would like to hear the long version and see some pics of Ecuador send me an email.


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