running year 2011: a tale of two halves

Well it being New Year’s Eve, it’s of course time for the obligatory “running year in review” post.  And when I say that 2011 was truly a tale of 2 halves, I don’t mean half-marathons, as much as halves of the year…

First half of 2011 was kinda lackluster.  I don’t know if it was the brutal winter, or burnout after the 2010 Chicago marathon, or indifference in general…but not a lot of running was happening the first coupla months of the year.  Or maybe some of it was feeling “in limbo.”  Couldn’t make any race plans til I knew what was going on with the Boston qualifying standards (I need plans to keep me focused!), I was the midst of exploring other groups to do speedwork with (there’s something about having groups like that to keep you honest!)  My slowest 5K in years, in addition to just barely getting under 8-minute pace for one 3.3 mile loop of Prospect Park in the Cherry Tree Relay…yeah, kinda the low points, showed how far I slid down.

Took the steps in March to hopefully get my groove back, thanks to twice-weekly speedwork sessions with WBTC (which other Flyer teammates were already a part of) and Coach T (who was a big part in my running successes this year), including the very fun-yet-crowded track nights.  Getting the speed back was definitely a slow process, but it looked like by June something was kicking in, as I ran my 2nd fastest 10K at the Mini 10K-after indulging in some Blue Moons with coworkers the night before 🙂

By the 2nd half of the year, when training for the NYC Marathon would start, looked like not only was I where I was in 2009-2010, but surpassed it, which kinda validated my current training choice 🙂  Hit 4-mile and 5-mile PRs, 2 strong half marathons while in the thick of training…unfortunately the marathon did not go my way but still finished 2011 on a good note with an age group award in a 5K (and I have not gotten an AG award since 2004!) and a 15K PR.

So thankfully the year ended on a better note than the last 2 🙂  If I had to grade the year, I’d probably give it a B…maybe B+, as I “failed” my “final exam” I don’t deserve an A 😛

That said, at least one thing I learned from how badly the marathon went was that I’m not a quitter…even though the going got rough, I did what I had to do to still salvage a sub-4.  So I can put that worry to rest…

I’ll address 2012 in another post…but as of now the big ones are a certain marathon in April, and then I just found out this week that I got into the NYC Half!  (yes I’m aware how much it cost, I don’t want to hear it.)  Training through the winter will be a challenge in itself, but I think I’m ready to hit the ground running in 2012…literally!

Happy New Year everyone…

8 thoughts on “running year 2011: a tale of two halves

  1. So nice meeting you at the donut run! I am running the NYC half too! Maybe I will see you out there!

  2. I am so happy i got into the NYC Half. Anyone who complains about the money…well it is still A LOT more expensive to travel somewhere for a half. It was also my first half marathon two years ago 🙂

    • If you saw the comment string on my FB status update…it was more “you’re crazy for paying that” And I completely agree with your assessment-that it’s more expensive to travel for a half. Even NJ, which is relatively local, is $90 and would require an overnight stay.

      As for this one, it’s personal. The only time I ran the NYC Half was 2006 and I’d love to get revenge on that one!

  3. Sounds like you had a great 2011! Good luck for 2012. I am running the NYC Half as well- pricey… but running through times square is pretty awesome. Plus they promise an all-new finish line festival… we’ll see 😉

  4. Still enjoy your running scribblings – Best of luck for 2012 in your running, and one day, I may actually make a race in New York (Not the New York Marathon, my credit card limit isn’t that high!)…

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