post-marathon quickie

(that’s what she said.)

so yes i am alive and well, but just been busy busy busy these past coupla weeks.  (oh god, today…one shitstorm after another at the office!  thank god for 2-for-1 holiday drinks at Starbucks.  And Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookies.  And red wine.)

And actually, I am in the midst of writing up an NYCM report.  I’ve only gotten as far as the start line…keep getting sidetracked!!  My goal is to get it done before Thanksgiving 😛

But for the record, even though obviously it was not the race I wanted and trained for, I am feeling better about the whole thing.  Last weekend hanging out with some of my training buddies and friends at a fun post-marathon party was definitely therapeutic for me.

And I have actually gotten back to running this week (well beginning this past Sunday)…even tested the water with some tempo intervals with the group last nite.  The legs still remember how to run tempo pace, which is encouraging.  That said, my theory is that I ran the 2nd half-especially the last 10k-so slowly, I’m not getting hit with the same post-marathon “wipeout” that I have been in the past.

Which just may work in my favor…as unlike 2009, I am determined to end this racing year on a positive note.  There’s definitely a plan brewing…stay tuned 🙂

Finally, best quote ever from NYRR’s Facebook page:
“I was going to say that the continuous NYC Half Marathon/Poland Spring credit/2012 race schedule postings could be a drinking game….then I realized I can’t drink that much.”


4 thoughts on “post-marathon quickie

  1. Hmmmmm maybe that is WHY I think I tend to recover faster than most from marathons…because I always run the last 10k slowly 😛

    Glad you are feeling better! ooooooooo what’s the plan??? What distance?

    • will be revealed as it’s rolled out 🙂 only hint is that the race(s) mileage will be in the single digits 😛 And will of course include some sparkly soul as part of race day costumes 😉

      good luck tomorrow!!

  2. Can’t wait for the full recap. I just finished mine YESTERDAY!
    Arrgghhh, six parts was way way too long!

    Glad you are feeling better about things. Time does give us better perspective i feel like.
    Feeling fresh legs so soon after a mary is never a bad thing. Can’t wait to hear what you got in store for end of this year!

    • lol…mine wont be 6 parts, but its just that it took me a few days to want to write a recap, and then once i did i kept getting sidetracked!!

      and agreed-having decently feeling legs (i wouldnt go as far to say fresh!) after the big day is not a bad thing (especially since 1-not injured like after MCM and 2-not burned out like after chicago) but it is bittersweet, like i’d rather have had a good marathon and therefore more recovery time…

      good luck to you too tomorrow!

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