NYCM 2011: a disaster

Well obviously I didn’t get my goal, or anywhere close to it.  3:55:30.  Thankfully still got under 4 and didn’t get a personal worst, but definitely was not the race I trained for or wanted by a long shot.

Short story-after running the first half right on pace, it all went to hell in the 2nd half.  Maybe my 3:35 goal was too ambitious.  In addition, dealt with nutritional issues that caused 2 unplanned pit stops, lotsa cramping and nausea and even a med tent visit post finish.

Not sure if I am gonna post a full report…still trying to process it all.  Admittedly, it’s quite disappointing for me.  Even dealing with 80 degrees in Chicago last year was better than this…

I’ll let the splits tell the story for now, as ugly as they are. (FYI-the “pace/mile” column is cumulative time, not per mile.  I only wish I was still hitting sub-9’s late in the going…)


4 thoughts on “NYCM 2011: a disaster

  1. Sorry to hear about that. Hey, at least you already got your BQ and Boston registration in.

  2. I’m sorry. 😦 I know exactly how you feel, having all the training go according to plan only to have a bad race day that includes pit stops, it’s not a marathon experience I would wish on anyone. You got another one under the belt and your fitness is clearly there, so it’s just on to the next.

  3. I’m so sorry to here about your race;

    I’ve read about a number of people who, like you, failed to run the race they had hoped for!!! This makes me scared for my Marathon this weekend, so for you and all the others out there I hope to pull it off and run the ‘perfect’ race.

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