poll time-nycm 2011 edition!

Yep, it’s back!! And this time it will be in the sidebar til race day…

Again-realistic guesses please! (if you want to comment your guess, go ahead too!)

So to give some background, I might as well reveal my several tiers of race goals.

  • Finish.  After MCM in 2009, I will never take finishing for granted ever again.
  • Sub-4.  I’ve never run a marathon over 4 hours.  I’d kind of like to keep up that streak.
  • Sub-3:40.  Will be my third time trying for it!!  Would love to get this time after it has eluded me the last coupla years…and oh yeah, is also the new BQ time for my age group.
  • Sub-3:35.  BQ-5 for me, or the open standard…would be kinda cool to get even though I’ve aged up 🙂  Using my SI Half time as a predictor, McMillan sez 3:31:51.  Doable?  Maybe.  My MP work has been around that pace… (and for what it’s worth, in 2008 McMillan predicted a time 23 secs slower than what I actually ran in NYC!  Pretty damn close.)
  • If things were to go totally, absolutely perfect…stars aligned, etc…sub-3:30.  in other words, I don’t anticipate this one happening.  If it does, I will be dancing on tables 🙂  Daniels predicts 3:28:39 from my SI Half time, but I still feel that is a little aggressive…

Training seemed, mileage-wise, to be sorta in line with 2008-which coincidentally, was my last good marathon 🙂  But lot more quality this time around (track, tempo, hills), including MP work, and the race times showed it 🙂

And for fun, a little comparison of the tune-up races in previous years and what they led to on race day 🙂

  NYC 2006 NYC 2008 Chicago 2010 NYC 2011
5K N/A 22:44 23:24
4 mile N/A N/A N/A 28:43
5 mile 39:03 38:11 37:36 36:00
Half-marathon 1:47:51 (NYC Half)
1:48:57 (Grete’s)
1:42:20 1:44:19 (extrapolated from 20K time) 1:38:58 (flat)
1:40:27 (hilly)
Marathon result 3:58:26 3:44:14 3:43:06 ???

Vote early. But do not vote often-I once again fixed it so certain people won’t try and stuff the ballot box…you all know who you are!

Thanks for playing!


3 thoughts on “poll time-nycm 2011 edition!

  1. Best of luck next Sunday!!!

  2. There is no reason you shouldn’t go under 3h30 (ok mybe weather) I like the 3h28:30 time

  3. 3:29:50. Conditions look to be perfect, and you seem to be hitting your groove. Kill it!

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