week 14 wrap-up

considering I haven’t posted since my last “week-in-review” post, I guess I have been just a little busy this past week? 🙂

Considering going right from a 20-miler to a Yankee game and sitting in a stadium seat for hours…no time for ice bath, etc., is not the most ideal form of recovery, my legs didn’t feel so horrible when doing reps at the track a coupla days later.  (though it did take a little while for the calves to respond.)

Interval Time Pace
400m 1:36.66 6:28.90
400m 1:37.80 6:33.48
400m 1:36.65 6:28.86
400m 1:35.30 6:23.43
400m 1:36.90 6:29.86
400m 1:35.95 6:26.04
400m 1:35.65 6:24.83
400m 1:34.77 6:21.29
400m 1:34.47 6:20.09
400m 1:32.18 6:10.87

Was a little slower overall than the last time we did 10 x 400 but finished pretty strong.  (of course it didn’t hurt that guy from NBR was cheering me on during the 8th interval…always a sucker for impressing the guyz!)

Hit the Great Lawn for tempo intervals on Thursday.  You know it’s gonna be torture…no, not even when hearing what the workout was!  Nope, it’s seeing one of these at the south end of the Great Lawn.

Ohhh the waffle truck was tempting all of us.  But dammit, it was gonna be closed before we finished our workout.  And unfortunately we couldn’t indulge then and there, as that was not quite the carbo-loading the coaches would have in mind for us.

So it was a tolerable tempo workout…6 x half-mile with a very very short jog inbetween…so pretty much continuous.  (others had to do 8 or even 10, but I was let off the hook due to racing this past weekend…)

Interval Time Pace
0.48 mi 3:28.75 7:15
0.48 mi 3:48.78 7:57
0.48 mi 3:42.00 7:43
0.48 mi 3:34.22 7:27
0.48 mi 3:37.75 7:34
0.48 mi 3:33.95 7:26

I was all over the place here…was supposed to be shooting for 3:40 but came up fast most of the time…Mr. Garmin was saying it was short.  Not sure if he was right (it has given me some flukey readings on the oval before) or if I really was going too fast-I’ll take it though.

And it was a little chilly afterwards, so I put this lovely apparel item on:

Yes, I’m a dork and couldn’t wait to buy a “Boston Qualifier” item 😛  However, the way I see it…it’s no different than, like, making sure I keep at it to still fit into my awards gala dress?  I’m gonna need all the motivation I can get to train through the winter! 🙂

Coming up in my next post will be a report from today…my first race in my new age group.

2 thoughts on “week 14 wrap-up

  1. I bought that same long sleeve BQ shirt after I qualified :p I loved the color and the softness…even if i am a dork too.

    • lol we have the same taste in Boston Marathon gear…first the “Heartbreaker” shirt and now the hoody 🙂 time to show up to a Flyer event all matchy-matchy? 🙂
      I know others disagree, but I think the Qualifer collection was a stroke of genius on Adidas/Boston Marathon’s part…totally targets a previously untapped market!

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