week 13 wrap-up

hmmm maybe it’s appropriate that I wore an A-Rod shirt to the game…he’s #13, the game ended week #13 of training…

so last week was jam-packed, between holiday festivities with la familia and my highest mileage week so far, capped off with 20 miles.  No wonder by Saturday I was exhausted.  I had every intention of getting out to spectate and cheer at Grete’s Great Gallop half marathon in da park, but the snooze button definitely won out.  I needed it though…as Sunday was gonna be a long day…

So once again, I would be pacing a group for the Flyers‘ famous 3 Bridges Run, definitely one of my favorite runs.  Was definitely disappointed to have missed it last year due to its proximity to Chicago!  Anyway, I’d be co-leading the 9:00 group, whereas in the past I did the 9:30’s.  I was definitely fighting some tired legs, but “well I did 9’s during the Heatpocalypse…”  I did have 2 strokes of good fortune.  First, the run was gonna have a wave start of sorts, and my group was in the last wave.  Yay for 40 extra minutes of sleep.  Second, the Yankee playoff game I was supposed to attend Saturday night?  Kinda got postponed to Sunday afternoon due to rain…something you don’t see much around here these days…yes I’m being sarcastic 😛

So thankfully there were no MTA fails, and and it looked like the weather gods were gonna be kind to us as well.  We actually had a pretty small group-around 10 peeps, but that would make it easier to work together.  Flyer RA was a great co-leader (though I did have to tell him at a coupla points to rein it in when we seemed to be speeding up a little 🙂 ) and in general it was a very nice group-hopefully they will all join for the next run in 2 weeks! 🙂  As for me, it took a mile or 2 to loosen up, but as I settled in, all was well.  Made sure to not commit the same fueling error as a week earlier-took a gel every 5 miles (so 3 total) and Gatorade every so often and still felt good at mile 20…what a difference from the previous week when I felt horrible after 12 miles and just barely made it to 14.  So it’s established…minimalist fueling just does not work for me, for whatever reason.  All in all, Mr. Garmin said I did 20.39 miles in 2:58:24…8:45 pace.  Not sure if we really were that fast or if Mr. Garmin was just flukey (I think everyone’s Garmins in our group had a different reading!) but I’m taking it. 🙂

So afterwards, headed back to the UES JackRabbit which was the meeting place for the run…while most were shopping, trying on shoes and mingling, I just grabbed a quick bite to eat, chatted with Coach T about the run, and then had to head out to get cleaned up and meet up with JW to head up to the Cathedral in the Bronx!!  Though I wish the end result had been better-my perfect record this year has ended-it is still amazing to be there for the playoffs…first time I’ve been there for a playoff game in 10 years!  And awesome seats too!

And so begins another week.  But at least I got something cool in the mail to make my Monday a little bit better! 🙂


2 thoughts on “week 13 wrap-up

  1. I got my acceptance in the mail this week too! Ah, I am so excited!!!!!

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