keep holding on

it started last week, just continued into this week.  Now i’m at the point of training where all the miles and the hard efforts are really starting to build up, and the result is having to push through runs and workouts on very tired legs and just try and hold on til taper time…even though I was sort of hoping to escape that this time around.

This week’s track workout was 6 x 800, I had to aim for my normal 3:20 per interval.  Obviously my legs had other, not so good ideas.

Interval Time Pace
800m 3:19.15 6:40.63
800m 3:23.15 6:48.67
800m 3:24.45 6:51.29
800m 3:24.22 6:50.83
800m 3:21.15 6:44.65
800m 3:19.24 6:40.81

Obviously I wasn’t happy with this one, as I used to be able to crush 3:20 in workouts.  Was the half-marathon still in my legs?  I don’t know.  It did seem, however that everyone across the board was struggling.  Then again, others who did both the Fifth Avenue Mile and the 18-mile Tune-Up back to back had an excuse…not sure I did.

So as I was in NJ for the holiday and couldn’t make Thursday’s workout, I had to consult Coach T for an alternate workout…I figured I’d have access to the track at the local high school and I knew the minute I mentioned that it was 200 meters, that he’d suggest a repetition workout and sure enough I was right.  However, I was surprised when I saw that the 200 meter track was no more and instead it was replaced by a brand-spankin’ new 400 meter track!  The high school field hockey and soccer teams were practicing there too, but it was cool, we all stayed out of each other’s way…oh what a difference than McCarren Park, as this time I did not have to dodge a single soccer ball!!  Anyway, threw myself into the 200s and 400s…

Interval Time Pace
200m 0:46.05 6:10.55
200m 0:47.40 6:21.41
200m 0:48.92 6:33.65
200m 0:46.52 6:14.33
200m 0:46.40 6:13.37
200m 0:45.97 6:09.91
200m 0:44.96 6:01.78
200m 0:47.03 6:18.44
400m 1:37.55 6:32.48
400m 1:36.88 6:29.78
400m 1:38.57 6:36.58
400m 1:35.57 6:24.51
400m 1:36.55 6:28.46
400m 1:34.77 6:21.29

Plan for the 200’s was to start out at 46/47, take it down to 45/46…and for the 400s to start at 1:37 and take it down to 1:35.  So for the most part it was fine, though I don’t know what happened with the last 200, and I had to take a little more rest for the last coupla intervals.  Was just glad to get it in before the torrential downpours that hit later in the day.

Another 20 on tap this weekend.  And this will be after attending the Yanks playoff game tomorrow nite!  This oughta be, uh, interesting 🙂


2 thoughts on “keep holding on

  1. That is some great track work only 5 weeks~ out from race day. I think if the weather is kind and we have a great day for racing you are going to bust right through that 3:20 goal of yours. The park will tell the story of course, but you are certainly rock solid right now.

    Just log the miles your next couple long runs and don’t worry too much about the times/pace. The hay is basically in the barn. Just get to that taper healthy.

    Take care, see you in NYC.

    • 3:20? that would be a-maz-ing! but totally not my goal 😛 unless my coach has other plans for me…hehe. (my goal is actually a BQ time of sorts…actual numbers to be revealed eventually)

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