now that’s a birthday present!!

oh hi!  guess what?  i “aged up” today.  yes, as of today, I find myself in the 35-39 year old age group.

And I kept it quiet but I’m sure you guessed that last week I signed up for that certain marathon in April.  And to be honest, just the fact that I was able to register was a nice surprise, I totally expected registration to close with the BQ-5 peeps.  But wait?  My BQ-1:54 actually had a fighting chance?  But all i could do is wait til this week and hope fate was on my side.

So the B.A.A. announced that they will be announcing today who from the “5 minutes or less” group got in.  I checked my CC statement-the fact that the “hold” for the entry fee was still on there was a good sign.  Shortly after I saw my name in the entrants list…but maybe I was just hallucinating.  Finally, I got this email:

So wow.  Apparently it was close (I made it by 40 seconds) but I got in.  Doesn’t mean I don’t feel heartbreak for those who were oh-so-close too but didn’t get in…as grateful as I am that I’m in, it’s still a little bit bittersweet.  But damn, couldn’t have been a better day for me to get this news.  (And I guess Boston doesn’t hate all Yankees fans…lol)

But does this mean that I’m just gonna cruise through NYCM?  No way, Jose.  There’s bigger and better goals to be had.

Here’s to the next age group-thankfully already getting off to a good start! 🙂


7 thoughts on “now that’s a birthday present!!

  1. Congratulations!!!!! Maybe we can meet up at some point at the expo!!

  2. Happy Birthday and congratulations on Boston!! I recall that when the controversy broke out you were among the few that kept a level head about it all so I think it is especially fitting that you made it.. Good luck…

  3. I’m all smiles for you… Now I hope that the rest of your Birthday was as good to you. With the year starting that well i hope the year ahead is as good.

    better get training!!!

  4. Congrats Flygirl! Wow, that e-mail from Boston must have felt like opening your college acceptance letter. Well done. And happy birthday.

  5. Happy birthday!!! Congrats on the Boston entry too 🙂

  6. Happy birthday and GREAT job on getting into Boston!! 🙂

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