the storm passes

Well as most of us in the tri-state area know…Hurricane Irene (or actually was downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it made landfall in NYC) wasn’t the Hurricanepocalypse that it was predicted to be.  That said-I feel Manhattan-at least my neighborhood-defiinitely was very lucky and dodged a bullet-I didn’t lose power once and when i took a walk outside later on Sunday to check things out you wouldn’t have known a hurricane hit (though it was extremely windy.)

I do know others weren’t so fortunate, it looked like everything outside the city took the brunt of it.  My parents in northen NJ had their power knocked out for a day, and I know some in Westchester, CT and LI that had theirs knocked out for even longer.  My brother reported that the streets were flooded in Hoboken.  And I’m sure that’s not even half of it.  I guess that’s why I can’t understand why I saw people complaining that the storm was “lame” and “boring.”  Ummmm really?  You all want something more destructive?  SMH…

My office was open yesterday, albeit a delayed opening, and let me tell you I never thought I’d say I’d be glad I had to go to work…guess that’s how much I appreciated some sort of normalcy.  I met up with the downtown Flyer run after work for the normal 6 miles along the Hudson, down to Battery Park and back north…and even though downtown was supposed to have taken a beating, if it did you wouldn’t have known as all the paths were clear.  Was actually a really nice night, with the sunset and no humidity in the air…what a difference from Saturday before the storm when the humidity totally soaked even my shorts. 😛

In non-hurricane related news, though sorta something to do with a rainstorm (har har)…Bolt’s DQ in the 100m at Worlds…crazy!!  Who wants to bet that the “one and done” false start rule gets changed before London 2012? 🙂


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