week 8 wrap-up

Yeah, I know this is on the early side, but Hurricane Irene has ended my running week as of today.  The park was absolutely mobbed this morning with everyone trying to get their runs in before the storm hit (and/or before the MTA shutdown at noon)!

Obviously, I was cramming all my runs in this week to avoid the storms.  Tempo on Thursday…originally 5 x 1200m (5:20 target) but when everyone was struggling, got modified to 2 x 1200, 2 x 600, 1 x 1200.  Was still a little off (splits 5:27, 5:32, 2:39, 2:39, 5:24) but was glad to get it in.  Friday morning’s recovery was a crawl…legs were definitely tired from Thursday, maybe the timing wasnt ideal but I wanted to give myself a little more rest before running long…

So my long run on tap was 14, with the last 5 at goal marathon pace.  Which was why I signed up for the now-canceled Bronx Half, that would have worked out perfectly.  But the alternative worked out as I ran the first 9 with an friend I haven’t seen in awhile and it was great to catch up.  (and as I joked, I haven’t seen this many Flyers in Central Park on a Saturday morning since the morning of the awards gala!  just like then, no one expects to get any miles in on Sunday.)  When it was time to take on the 5 MP miles, I was unsure if I’d be able to hit it, as the humidity was absolutely deadly.  I was shooting for between 8-8:15 and I wound up on the lower end of that…or maybe I just wanted to get this over with? 🙂

Mile Time Distance Pace
1 8:03 1.00 8:03
2 8:08 1.00 8:08
3 7:53 1.00 7:53
4 8:03 1.00 8:03
5 7:50 1.00 7:50
5.15 1:06 0.15 7:25
 Summary 41:03 5.15 7:58

sub-3:30 pace? ummm yeah.  That definitely is not the marathon goal, but let’s just wait and see, shall we?

So now I’m happily indoors on the couch, watching 90210 and DWTS reruns and hoping the power stays on long enough for me to see if Galen Rupp will medal in the 10,000 at Worlds 🙂  I’m all prepared, here are some of my other hurricane supplies:

I WILL tear into the PowerGels if desperate!

Also made some air-popped popcorn to snack on while watching more entertainment…the trainwreck that is the NYRR Facebook page.  Another day, another drama!  Not only was the Bronx canceled, but there was a 5K race up in Harlem this morning (which was also a team points race, but was planning on skipping anyway) that got canceled yesterday when the city revoked all Saturday permits too.  In a way, this was a situation I can see both sides of.  Mostly for those who signed up yesterday to only be told a couple of hours later that it was canceled-NYRR shouldn’t have been accepting new registrations.  That said, given the state of emergency and the MTA shutdown at noon, planning anything on Saturday would be kind of iffy, given the need for the city’s resources elsewhere (after the half was canceled, I sorta had a feeling this 5k would be too.)  And of course everyone is in an uproar.  “Why no refunds?  Its soooo unfair!!  Why isnt anything being rescheduled?  Why is no one answering our questions?”  And on and on and on.  Finally I had it and couldn’t bite my tongue any longer and responded to a post:

Sorry, it just had to be said 🙂

Anyway-once again, hope everyone stays safe this weekend!  And here’s hoping that come Monday morning, we’re all wondering what the fuss was about…fingers crossed…


2 thoughts on “week 8 wrap-up

  1. Ahhh perspective. I bet your comment got responded to with some other ignorant person yelling about race fees. Am I right?

    • actually the original poster replied and i think he realized i made him look like an idiot 🙂 a coupla others did respond agreeing with me and explaining that you can’t just reschedule things with a push of the button-anything done on city streets takes time!! (not to mention the city was otherwise occupied the last 48+ hours!) good to know there are voices of reason out there 🙂

      and feeling grateful NYC-at least my neighborhood-got through this…definitely could have been a lot worse.

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