collectors items

These. From the half-marathon that won’t be. Thanks to some chick named Irene who’s unleashing her fury on the east coast (damn, what did her BF do to her to get her so mad…)

Just as I predicted, the decision was made for all of us yesterday.  Once a state of emergency was called for New York, was only a matter of time before things would be canceled.  First, the XC race in Van Cortlandt Park, then soon enough…

Sunday Races Cancelled

Due to the cancellation of all NYC events on Sunday, August 28, the Bronx Half-Marathon and the Henry Isola Cross Country Classic have been cancelled. Bronx Half registered runners and volunteers who meet NYRR membership requirements will receive 9+1 qualifying credit toward 2012 marathon guaranteed entry, and registered runners who meet NYRR membership requirements will receive qualifying credit toward guaranteed entry to the 2012 NYC Half. Runners may still pick up their race shirts during registration hours at NYRR. In keeping with our policies, no race-entry refunds will be given.

So there you have it. I’m actually relieved they made the call when they did…another day of speculation was just gonna get everyone more on edge. Plan is to do my long run tomorrow morning, then spend Sunday hiding indoors.

And of course, I see lots of complaining on Facebook, between the NYRR Facebook page and even my news feed. So of course I had my 2 cents.

Yeah, I know I can be a drama queen at times, but seriously some of the complaining I was seeing was getting ridiculous.

So to everyone who is in the hurricane’s projected path…please stay safe.  Do not be a “weather hero” and run in the hurricane, if and when it hits…live to run another day.


4 thoughts on “collectors items

  1. I agree people need to keep perspective. It’s not like they are cancelling the race due to rain ya know?

  2. Yes definitely a sense of perspective is needed. I run in pretty much any weather, but a hurricane is another story…I’d like to remain alive!

    Good luck getting your run in before it hits and stay safe! I can’t believe the weater nyc has been hit with since I left….earthquakes, hurricanes….seriously?!

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