picture of consistency


can you guess what my target time was?

So the dreaded workout of 1200s.  Well actually I didn’t dread it as much as a coupla others did, I knew we were due for a tough one and I guess 3 of those babies was…um doable?  Just wasn’t sure if I’d be able to hit the pace for all 3, given that the last time I ran 1200s in a track workout I fell short.  But then again, it was a little cooler…and my 800 interval times have gotten faster, so maybe that would translate to the 1200s too?  It did, and did a pretty good job pacing them too.  Kinda thought the 3rd one should have been a second or 2 faster, given that I felt like I was really hauling a$$ on the last lap, especially the last 200 meters, but I’ll take it.  At any rate, my legs were definitely dragging on yesterday’s recovery run so I must have done something right…

As for the Bronx Half this weekend-still don’t know what’s gonna happen.  Given that the forecast for Sunday hasn’t really changed just yet, I see NYRR making this into a “fun run” or just canceling the thing…the right thing to do would be to make the call by Friday so people can get their long runs in Saturday if need be.  If NYRR does wind up canceling the race, I just may move my long run to Saturday instead.  And before you say “wuss” and “weak”…another thing I do have to keep in mind is the transportation situation.  Given that the subways malfunction when there is just one drop of water, there are definitely going to be subway issues if the hurricane predictions come true.  And given that I’m sure that we wouldn’t be able to shack up in Yankee Stadium, I’d prefer to not take my chances with getting stuck in the Bronx.  Not to mention the fact that it’s not worth risking safety just for a a run that’s being used as a marathon-pace workout.  Sucks to have to eat $30, but that’s the breaks.

Anyway-I’ll still get my bib and stuff tomorrow…if NYRR hasn’t made the decision for us already, I’ll probably decide for sure on Saturday morning what to do…

3 thoughts on “picture of consistency

  1. wow incredible great job!

  2. I like running in weather!!! in fact lost weeks race was exciting with people almost dieing on the mountain! but that was a trail race and not road. So i hope the weather improves and you can run the half. I also have to do about 14 mile, but I only have a 15km race to use, so I plan for a long warmup and then I will run back for my wife.

    Either way have a great weekend and I love your pacing for the 1200m’s.

    • Nope-the city made the decision for us! Half is canceled. State of emergency for NY.

      (I’m actually a little relieved they made that call, it would have been irresponsible for them not to!)

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