week 7 wrap-up

So I hit 45 miles this past week, partially thanks to Sunday’s LTR…highest I’ve seen since last fall’s marathon training.  No worse for wear, though I was definitely feeling the long run in my legs Sunday nite and through Monday, thank god I was given the blessing to take Monday as a rest day!

So as week 7 was a “quantity” week, week 8 looks to be a “quality” week-running 5 days instead of 6, with my long run scaled back a coupla miles, but with some MP work to be thrown in there…

…so it looks like I’ll be running the Bronx Half after all.  Running it though-NOT racing.  When I was told that my long run was to be 14 miles with a few miles at marathon pace, I thought running the half would work out beautifully-just warm up for one mile and with the half, I have my 14.  But of course after I sign up, a hurricane is predeicted to hit on Sunday.  (And of course, everyone on the NYRR Facebook page is freaking out and/or complaining, as per usual.)  I think it’s way too early and there is still time for things to change…and even then a forecast a day or 2 out can be wrong.  I remember once, 3 years ago, supposedly a hurricane was gonna ruin a points race but that wound up not happening.

And even if it does rain hard…it’s not like I’ve never done a long run in the rain before…


5 thoughts on “week 7 wrap-up

  1. Best of luck this weekend with the weather. I think mixing in a few races during marathon training is a great thing to do. It can really help break up the training cycle and give you a lot of confidence that your training is “working”.

    Regarding the weather. If you don’t train in it, you can’t race in it. Throw on a hat and go for it. After the first mile you’ll hardly notice the rain.

    Have a great race!

    • agreed! I had my short race fun last month and earlier this month 🙂 I did briefly think about running a 5k this weekend but decided against it-I wanted to focus more on the 2 races I really want to shine in-a half-marathon next month (the one i’m planning this weekend is just a training run) and of course, NYCM! 🙂

      As for the predicted hurricane this weekend…as I said, I’ve done long runs in bad conditions before 🙂 (This 20-miler and this 18-miler 2 years ago come to mind!) It’s just a matter of if NYRR is going to cancel the half or make other weather-related modifications and if so, when. (not to mention that running in the rain is one thing, a hurricane is a whole other animal. i’m still thinking there’s time for the forecast to change though…)

      Hope your NYCM training is going well! 🙂

  2. when is your marathon? I am running Baltimore on October 15th. I am up to 14 miles this week. Jerseystrong.wordpress.com

  3. I just had to send an email to NYRR letting them know I’m dropping from the Bronx 1/2 😦 I encountered a knee issue during my long run on Saturday and I’m taking this week off.

    Good luck and I hope the weather holds out!

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