quality + quantity

Equals this training week, perhaps?

Both speed workouts this week consisted of things familiar.  But with the quantity upped a little bit.

Track this week was 400-meter reps.  But whereas last time was supposed to be 8 (which eventually got cut down to 6, thank you thunder and lightning!), we had 10 of them on tap.  I was supposed to aim for 1:36 (ok, guess the ante was upped a little bit since 1:38 was my target last time out…) and I hit that once 🙂

Interval Time Pace
1 1:35.44 6:23.99
2 1:35.25 6:23.23
3 1:35.72 6:25.12
4 1:36.67 6:28.94
5 1:34.40 6:19.81
6 1:34.10 6:18.60
7 1:35.72 6:25.12
8 1:34.58 6:20.53
9 1:34.82 6:21.49
10 1:32.55 6:12.36

At least I was consistent? 🙂  Or maybe I just wanted to get done quicker as I had a date with some Blue Moons and some teammates afterwards and you know it takes a lifetime to get from Brooklyn to the UES 🙂

Yesterday was tempo intervals…instead of the usual 4 x 1200, was 5 this time!  Another one I had to get done in the AM as I spent last nite having a few drinks for a certain someone’s b-day…anyway, piece of cake, right?  Never mind the last time I did this workout in the AM I struggled with it.  And I did again.  5:20 was my target, wound up running 5:38 (not sure what happened here-maybe legs not quite ready to run fast yet,though I did warm up for over a mile?), 5:29, 5:26, before I ended with two 5:20’s, the ones I should have been running all along.

I did have mixed emotions about this one.  Why is it so hard to keep my head in it during these tempo workouts?  On the other hand, I was able to handle the additional volume and get the times progressively faster.  So a wash I guess.

And this weekend will be the longest run to date during this training cycle…18 miles.  Bring it!


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