week 6 wrap-up

Soooo I’m through the first trimester and thankfully no complications so far…


…from NYC Marathon training.  Hope you all weren’t thinking elsewise 😛

So the mileage took a tiny dip last week, and I ran 5 days as opposed to 6, but it’s not like I could make those days total rest days.  Nope, had to do some strength/core work those days.  Now believe me, I do recognize and appreciate the benefits of core work.  Hell, I know it will help keep me uninjured.  But I just find it hard to stay on the wagon with it…I guess with the exception of abs classes at the gym, I just find it kinda boring.  And I was exhausted on Friday and so tempted to skip it but I did it…either I can lounge on the couch during the Yankee game or I could multitask, right? 🙂

I had 16 miles on tap for my long run, so I took it to the streets on Saturday…Summer Streets, that is.  Currently in its 4th year…while it’s fun to get out of Central Park and run the streets, I sorta feel it’s lost its novelty a little bit.  Maybe due to the roads being packed with bikers who went into the running lane.  Of course, it was sorta my fault for getting a late start (though I had the alarm set-guess I was more exhausted than I thought!)  Oh and don’t even get me started on the Brooklyn Bridge (I threw in an out-and-back to get some “hills” in) though I shoulda known better 🙂  Whatever-was done and thankfully on the better of the 2 days this past weekend.  Luckily I got in my run on Sunday during that short window of time where the torrential downpours were reduced to a light rain! 🙂

So looks like a packed schedule this week, ending with 18 on Sunday, 16 of those miles with the 9 minute group of LTR #2.  Hoping there’s no repeat Heatpocalypse this time around!  (Of course now that I said it, just jinxed it…)  I’m already 5 miles into my week-yesterday not only missing the rains once again but running into someone during her last run in Central Park 😉  Good start to the week so far…


4 thoughts on “week 6 wrap-up

  1. Are you running the Bronx Half in two weeks?

  2. I know there was so much complaining going on about it on FB. I hope the event is worth the 90 minute drive!

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