“enjoy it while it lasts”

So I’ve been warned.  After 2 PR’s in a row, pretty soon the ante is gonna be upped for me during workouts.  I guess I had to expect it, was gonna be only a matter of time.  Doesn’t mean I’m not nervous about that though 🙂

As for this week at the track, your basic 6 x 800 workout.  Even though the skies were threatening, the forecasted rain thankfully held off for us to complete the workout.  And this is what it was:

Interval Time Pace
1 3:18.57 6:39.46
2 3:17.15 6:36.60
3 3:16.02 6:34.33
4 3:16.42 6:35.13
5 3:13.94 6:30.15
6 3:12.82 6:27.89

Well no wonder the ante will be upped, I surpassed the 3:20 target each time…even when going out in 47 seconds (for the first 200) every time instead of 50 🙂  I did think the first one felt “easy”…not as much describing the effort, as I was working hard, but as in “the first interval felt good and that means I went out too fast and gonna crash and burn for the next 5.”  Though I think Coach T thought I meant effort and said “duly noted” but not totally seriously.  Oh damn…second time that day I put my foot in my mouth! 🙂  (the first time was my positive reaction to someone not attending a meeting I was in.  though everyone else in that meeting agreed with me.)  So thankfully, no crash and burn.  It helped me on the last 3 that AK (who was coming off running the 5-miler and doing the NYC Tri on back-to-back days!) was taking it easier so she ran with me-she was good to pace with.  And I think the forecasted rains scared off all the annoying people, as the track wasn’t as crowded as usual.  So good workout.  As for the next group up, their target times sounded scary to me and a little out of my league but I was reminded that “there was a time when I thought 3:20 was scary.”

And speaking of scary, last nite’s workout involved a scary hill.  Well maybe not so much scary as it was just tough-the Great Hill.  You know, that one that leads up to the dog track that is so steep it actually has stairs?  I had last done a workout there 3 years ago and lived to tell the tale so I suppose I could do it again 🙂  And it really wasn’t bad-no specific “targets” to shoot for, just ups and downs with a recovery loop around the dog track for 25 minutes, which for me and a few others meant 5 round trips.  And even though we weren’t supposed to be running for time, I was glad to see that the trips up the hill were faster than 3 years ago.  Though I will say, it’s almost like 2 hills in one…once you get past the part that has the 2 sets of stairs, that last steepest part just gets ya.  Needless to say, I slept well last nite… 🙂


One thought on ““enjoy it while it lasts”

  1. those stairs actually look kinda fun 😀

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