week 5 wrap-up

6 days running, 3 hard, 3 easier.

Obviously the hard days were track, the race…and yes a tempo workout on Thursday.  Original plan 1K, 2 x 2K, 1K.  Target 4:30 for 1K, 9 minutes for 2K.  Didn’t quite hit either-1K’s were 4:35 and 4:38 and the 2K was 9:27.  And thankfully I was let off the hook for the 2nd one.  A little off the targets obviously, the surface and the contant turning on Great Hill track really isn’t conducive (sp?) to speediness…neither is idiots stopping right in front of me.  Oh yes, we were none too happy to see a mass of humanity led by highlighter singlets make their way to the track while we were warming up.  Especially when some of their runners would stop short right in front of me without stepping aside while I’m trying to keep momentum going.  It was definitely a beautiful sight to see them heading down the hill…oh my reaction was definitely in “double rainbow” territory… 🙂

Wednesday was a dreadmill run, as I was advised to stay off the roads that day and do the bridle path but the rain was gonna leave the bridle path muddy and slippery.  But even though I kept the pace easy/recovery effort…I don’t know if I was imagining things…but I thought I heard the (sh)IT band talking to me.  Moreso because running on the dreadmill really seems to mess up your stride.  Needless to say, my leg got plenty of foam roller action and plenty of stretching action in yoga class afterwards.  And I’m keeping any future dreadmill runs to a minimum.  (just to clarify, it feels fine now.  probably just a scare triggered by the dreadmill?)

Thankfully, I only had to do a “medium-long” run the day after the race, so I did 10 on the west side path.  Much better than the last time I attempted a longish run the day after a race, what a difference the terrain makes.  Oh but of course, I waited until the afternoon…well because I was occupied in the morning, nope not watching the NYC Tri (for the first time in years!)  But my baby brother was doing the Damon Runyon 5K at Yankee Stadium so I wanted to watch for a little bit.  It actually looks like a fun race…definitely something on my running bucket list-maybe one year when I’m not training for a fall marathon?

Finally, for laughs…I like Galen Rupp and Chris Solinsky, and i hope they both do well at Worlds, but this was hilarious!

4 thoughts on “week 5 wrap-up

  1. The sh(IT) band is not allowed to make appearances!!

  2. Firstly what a great race and I would say I saw it coming last year already, and I believe you can go even faster, so take these coming weeks to put in the miles and the marathon will be yours for the taking.

    Now remember you can still run a couple of races before your marathon if you take them easy, run for fun… I love running races and run lots of races, but race very few.

    Good luck for the coming weeks.

    • yeah…what a huge difference good coaching can make (that was the big change between last year and this year.)

      as far as racing goes, sometimes I do sign up for longer races like halfs to use as part of a long run, but sometimes it’s tough to not want to give it your all when you have the chip on your shoe. Right now I only have a half in mid-September planned as a “race effort” race…

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