efficiency doesn’t pay

So I’m known for being on top of things, really on the ball (that’s what she said!)

Or hey, it helps to be ahead of the game at times.  When it comes to things like signing up for NYRR races that sell out months in advance.  Or trying to get ahead with workload in anticipation of days off you’re gonna want to take and not wanting to dump things on your already overworked teammates.

Well this week, I learned it doesn’t always pay to be so efficient.  First at the office, after working hard the last few months to stay on top of my increasing workload and even get a little bit ahead-due to something that someone didn’t catch earlier (ahh, gotta love when things are rushed!)…basically there’s stuff from the last month and a half or so that needs to be redone.  Not the end of the world, but just a pain.  And as I said “moral of the story?  efficiency doesn’t pay.”

Then I signed up for tomorrow’s race way in advance, i’m thinking early July?  With the way NYRR races are filling up, why chance things?  I went to pick up my bib today so I don’t have to deal with it tomorrow morning, wondering if I’m gonna be my usual yellow for this race, or if there is a possibility my new and improved pace from last month’s 4-miler would vault me into the red corral.  As it turned out-still yellow-but with my old, crusty pace still on the bib!!  And what’s the reason NYRR gave me?  Since I signed up for this race before I improved my pace, the old one has to stay for this race.  (The fact that one of my teammates who PRed at the 4-miler too did have his improved pace on his bib and he signed up for the race this week seems to back that up.)  Supposedly, it wouldn’t have made a difference in terms of corrals for this particular race.  But still!!  I think that policy makes ZERO sense, especially given how early we have to sign up for races now (hello, Brooklyn Half?  Sold out 3 1/2 months in advance?  The 18-miler tune-up at the end of September currently close to capacity?)  Thoughts…?

Wasn’t exactly the best way to get me psyched up for tomorrow.  (Thankfully, 16 Handles and a pedicure kinda counteracted that.)  As for the race, not sure what to shoot for, numbers-wise.  I’d obviously like to do better than last year, maybe get within striking distance of my PR from 2 years ago.  I’d like to also prove that the 4-miler last month wasn’t a fluke.  I dunno.  Will be all answered by this time tomorrow.

Good luck to all the local club runners out racing tomorrow!!  See you at the start and finish lines…


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