just call me “target”

And the tracky chronicles continue.  Specifically, what obstacles are gonna derail my workout.  I know I have to deal with it every week, but this week seemed worse than usual…and I just seemed to be the target for it!

So this week was 1200/1000/1200/800…same target times as usual.  Some of the peeps seemed none too excited about that…and Coach T was encouraging us to “get excited”…oh man he sounded like one of my bosses there!

First 1200 I was a few seconds off…either the legs were not quite there yet, or maybe I still had Sunday’s long run in my legs?  I made it through that one unscathed, oh but then the real fun starts.  On the 1000, with about 100 meters to go, some girl is WALKING in lane 1, the opposite direction that I am running, and I nearly had to slow to a stop to prevent a collision.  On the next 1200, with about 200 meters to go a family was walking across the track, not bothering to look either way…oh hey there are runners approaching!!  Finally, in the home stretch of the 800 I almost get sideswiped by a friggin kid on a Big Wheel.  I swear, I couldn’t win that nite…

Interval Time Pace
1200m 5:05.98 6:50.36
1000m 4:10.49 6:43.12
1200m 5:02.96 6:46.31
800m 3:17.22 6:36.74

For whatever reason, I didn’t feel as good about this one as the one 2 weeks ago.  Coach T said I did good given the obstacles.  And the 1000 was on target and the 800 ahead of it…but wonder what could have been.  The 1200s I wasn’t thrilled with.  But whatever-another one done.

And if these hijinks continue at the track, someone WILL get run over eventually.  You have all been warned… 😡


2 thoughts on “just call me “target”

  1. Are there no rules posted for the folks using the track? That’s just crazy.

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