week 3 wrap-up

Just shy of 40 miles this week, was one week where I was glad to get everything in, even if it involved some rejiggering and holding back the pace.  Originally I had Sunday as a rest/XT day and a short easy run w/ strides on Friday, but given that it was 100 degrees outside (and as I was taking a summer Friday, why get up early if I don’t have to)…you can sorta understand why my preference was a yoga class in the nice, air-conditioned gym and saving the run for Sunday, where the weather broke just a little.  Of course you may question my sanity when it comes to sitting outside on Friday nite in said heat wave…but I was not alone there 🙂

Thursday’s tempo workout was indeed a bit of a struggle.  Was yet another “Triple T” workout…tough, topless, tempo. 4 x 1200 cruise intervals on tap (though if I believe Mr. Garmin, it definitely was not a full 1200 meters)…was told to target 5:20 and I was determined not to repeat the idiocy of 2 weeks prior, where I went out too fast and died during the last 2.

Distance Time Pace
0.7 mi 5:19.92 7:38
0.69 mi 5:24.20 7:50
0.7 mi 5:21.08 7:39
0.68 mi 5:15.73 7:45

Yeah, I guess on the slow side for a tempo.  But given the conditions (in the 90s, felt like in the 100s)…i’m just glad I kept things together, and its just another workout in the books.  However, I’ve been feeling lately like I’ve really been struggling with these tempo workouts…whereas I’ve been nailing the VO2max/track workouts-and it used to be the other way around!  Like my workout earlier in the week, my target for the 1200 was 5 minutes-and my target for this was only 20 seconds slower yet it felt so much tougher to keep my head in it (and has been the case in previous weeks too.)  Do you all find that you struggle more with tempos as opposed to intervals during the summer months?

On tap this week…the dreaded “R” word tonite (repetitions), 800s on Thursday (to be done before work, yay!) and latching some speedier miles to the end of my long run.  Piece of cake, right? 🙂


2 thoughts on “week 3 wrap-up

  1. Great Job!!
    I just read your NYC Marathon recap and I am now even more excited for November 6th!!! I didn’t realize it was your first marathon 🙂
    I’m trying to ingest as many training tips as I possibly can!! Do you mind sharing any for a first time marathoner?

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